Marketplace Growth for the Enterprise

We can quote statistics, like retail e-commerce sales will equal 14.6% of all spending by 2020 and will be valued over $4 Trillion. The US will see double digit growth over the next several years in e-commerce retail sales. Brick and mortar stores are closing or going bankrupt at an alarming rate.

All the statistics point to the same conclusion.

To prosper, you need to have a significant online presence and maximize your “foot traffic”. And Marketplaces are the next generation mall.

SureDone has built an enterprise-tough omnichannel e-commerce software solution, plus an array of enterprise ready services, that allows even the largest retailers, distributors and brands to list and manage their products and orders across multiple channels.

Open Platform

We have an awesome UI, and it uses the same API that you have full access to. The API can easily be directly accessed which allows you to control the listing, inventory and order engines directly from your ERP, POS or other software. Full extensibility. Full integration.

Enterprise Features

We can handle millions of SKUs - update pricing and descriptions, list new products, adjust inventory and more – simply via our UI or programatically. From kits and bundles to custom fields to multi-user access, we’re built for the enterprise.

Built-In Marketplaces

Connect to the three largest marketplaces out of the box – eBay, Amazon and Walmart. Also fully integrated are Etsy, Magento and BigCommerce with Jet coming soon. We’re always adding, but using our open platform – so can you.

eCommerce Connectivity

You've made a huge investment in internal software and processes - whether it's SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, SalesForce or another system. SureDone's open API enables you to connect your investment to multiple channels enabling you to list products, manage inventory, and consolidate orders into your existing system. We'll manage the marketplace connections so you don't have to. Check out the API docs here.

eCommerce Connectivity
eCommerce Data

We Love eCommerce Data

Data and analytics is huge, and it's one of the reasons why brands will consider disrupting their normal supply chain in order to sell direct. Who is buying your product? Where are they? What are they buying? When are they buying it? What price are they paying? These are all critical questions as omnichannel competition grows.

SureDone stores dozens of pieces of data about every listing and every transaction and makes it all available to export or access via our open API enabling you to gain the insight you need to make better business decisions.

Enhanced e-Commerce Services

While large enterprises may have the knowledge and experience to bring on the right teams to manage their marketplace presence and their B2C needs, this type of selling is new to many brands and distributors. SureDone has a comprehensive offering of managed and professional services, providing everything from listing management to first level customer service to fulfillment and logistics. In addition, we provide services that are helpful to brands and enterprise sellers alike, such as data enhancement services for your listings (like EPIDs for automotive), internationalization and a full suite of creative services such as eBay store and template design.

eCommerce Services


Across our hundreds of customers, no two landscapes are the same. Get in touch and we can talk you through your options to optimize your business.

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