Apparel & Clothing

One of the biggest categories served by SureDone is the apparel sector. This is not by accident. If you sell clothing, shoes or accessories SureDone has a powerful array of features designed to make it easier to list your product on the channels that you sell in.

You need a Medium in Blue?

SureDone supports the creation of variants, based upon whatever attribute you like (e.g. brand, size, color or even a custom field), allowing you to list effectively to your channels as well as keeping in sync with how your warehouse or supplier manages inventory.


Full Support For Product Variants

List once but create variants by size, color or whatever feature you like. List to the channels the way they expect to see variants.

Shoe Size, Sleve Length or Bust Size

Not only can you create a custom filed to hold any attribute, but can even use that field as part of a variant.

Powerful Search

Manage large product lists using SureDone's advanced search engine. Save frequently used searches to streamline workflows.

High SKU Counts

However large your business becomes to SureDone will scale with you. Many of our apparel customers manage over half a million SKUs.

Our Customers

Please see a sample of our customer base from within the apparel category:

Is SureDone right for your business?

We have hundreds of customers, many of whom manage close to 1m SKUs. If you sell apparel items online, get in touch to see how SureDone can help scale your business.

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