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While it starts at $499, the price can be very different depending on needs. We start with discovery and assessment.

On The Way

After we understand your goals, we share the scope for your review, modification and approval.


Now we can assign a cost to your scope and ensure that we deliver a reasonable and predictable price along with exceptional value.

You end up with a predictable monthly price with the specific features you need. You aren't paying for functionality you're not using, and you know that you are getting the capabilities that will help you succeed.

Fixed Pricing

While a component of your monthly fee will be based on anticipated GMV (gross merchandise volume), it will not change until you reach a mutually agreed upon threshold.

No Contract

We don't believe in forcing you to be locked in to a contract (although it is an option that provides great discounts). All we have is a one month cancellation notification policy.

Bundled Features

We provide a single monthly price that only includes what you need. No automations? No extra charges. No drop shipping? You won't pay for that.

Your SureDone Plan

Standard Features

  • 4 Users Included
  • Listing across all supported channels
  • Inventory Management
  • Consolidated Order Management
  • Hosted Storefront
  • API Access
  • Professional Onboarding
  • High-Touch Support Team

Optional Features

  • Inventory Automations
  • Drop Ship Automations
  • Accounting Automations
  • Advanced Storefront
  • EDI
  • Enhanced API Access
  • Custom Reports

Available Services

  • Listing Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Data Enhancement
  • eBay Templates
  • Magento Sites
  • Custom Development

Integrations Available

eBay Motors

Starting at


For Growing Businesses

Starting at


For Enterprises

Data to Make Your Life Easier


Automatic imports of inventory and pricing (when available) from these vendors. And if you don't see yours, we can add it!

Drop Shipping

No need to call your vendor or send them an e-mail. We can provide automatic or user initiated drop shipping inside SureDone.


With a subscription to DCI (and soon SEMA Data Co-Op) we can import product information, fitment, pictures and more!

While the built-in distributors you see below are automotive focused, if your vendor can provide an inventory file, or supports automated drop shipping, via CSV, EDI, JSON, SOAP/XML, eMail, fixed text or various other methods, we can easily configure imports and drop shipping to save you time, increase your efficiency, put more products online and improve your customer service!

Automatic Distributors
Automatic Distributors
Helmet House
Helmet House
Meyer Distributing
Meyer Distributing
Parts Unlimited
Parts Unlimited
Tucker Rocky
Tucker Rocky

Professional Onboarding

Kick Off

We spend one to two hours with you getting to know your business, your data, and discussing processes and requirements.


Get the basics of SureDone through our online e-Learning, followed by one-on-one training to fill in the gaps and ensure understanding.


We use standardized processes to ensure your transition to SureDone is high quality and has minimal impact on your business.

SureDone is unique in that our account team also acts as onboarding specialists. Because of this, they are experts in the product so won't oversell you on its capabilities, plus they will follow through during onboarding with committments made during the sales process. SureDone has a very high touch onboarding process that focuses on processes, data and training. We also know that each customer will find a unique way to use SureDone as it has never been used before, so we spend a significant amount of time during the onboard to find potential process problems, changes in methodology, bugs and other concerns so that you don't encounter them at a later time.

We're focused on your success, and we've created a phenomenal process to help maximize it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we are fully integrated with eBay worldwide, eBay Motors, Amazon worldwide, Walmart, Jet, Etsy, Bigcommerce, Magento, Google Shopping and our own custom storefront.
Yes, you don't ever have to cancel, relist or start over. We have fast and seamless 1-click import from eBay or Amazon. Once the listings are imported you can push the feed back out to any of the marketplace's or channels we support. However, keep in mind that if you have the same product listed on two different marketplaces you may need to combine them. This is where our high touch onboard team comes to your rescue - showing you what needs to be done and helping you every step of the way.
No, we do not charge any transactional fees or revenue share. Your monthly price will be loosely based, among other criteria, on your GMV (your total sales tracked through SureDone). However, the price will be fixed and predictable, and will only change upon evaluation (these usually occur every 4-6 months).
Web based, SureDone lives on a cloud so you can access it anywhere and there is nothing to download or install.
No, image and media hosting are unlimited. We have customers storing millions of images on our systems at no extra charge.
ChannelAdvisor has a great product and we have lots of respect for them. There are a number of areas, however, where we differ. SureDone does not charge a percentage of sales and is a less expensive product overall. We also do not lock you into a contract. We have an extremely high touch onboarding process and you'll never have an issue communicating with our support team. From a technical perspective, we have a full integration with Magento (ChannelAdvisor has a lot of restrictions around Magento) and we also have a built-in, no extra charge, completely customizable storefront. SureDone itself is built on top of a purpose built engine (API), so anything you do in the user interface can also be done programatically. And it's flexible, comprehensive and well documented. Even the smallest sellers can find a company to do custom integrations for reasonable fees (if you don't want us to do it for you). Lastly, we offer a suite of reasonably priced managed and professional services to assist with listing, customer service, fulfillment, data enhancement, creative services (eBay templates, Magento stores, etc.) and more!
Yes, you can convert your eBay templates into our system. You can use our default, responsive eBay template, use your existing templates or customize them with HTML & CSS. You can convert the templates yourself, or use our professional services team for a reasonable fee.
Yes, no problem. We are trusted by top 500 retailers, brands and large enterprises, and built the system to support large volume businesses.
SureDone uses Amazon AWS for its infrastructure, servers and components of security. Our bulk management system breaks your changes down into bite size pieces and then sprays these pieces to dozens of servers. These servers then simultaneously upload the data to all of the marketplaces. If we find that our servers are nearing capacity, our system will automatically launch additional ones to pick up the load. We also detect errors from channels and will requeue items when timeouts occur or servers are unreachable. Our system is one of the most scalable systems on the market, and we've even open sourced the queuing component of the system (
Yes, all orders are centralized and managed under the "Orders" tab in SureDone. You can process them one by one or in bulk through Shipstation, Shipworks or SureDone. The tracking number is sent to the marketplace and customer. We expect to release our next generation of advanced order management and shipping functionality in Q2 of 2018.
Yes, our advanced automation engine can automate inventory sync to normalize your stock counts daily for your vendor. export orders, and provide bi-directional drop shipping management and more via FTP, EDI, CSV, SOAP/XML, e-Mail, plain text and more. We can automate, with logic, most any kind of data import into SureDone or data export out.
Each client is assigned their own personal onboard specialist who will assist in training, data migration and implementation. Setup and implementation is ranges from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on complexity.
SureDone has full, built in support for kits and bundles, including bundle pricing based on component pricing and inventory availability based upon component availability.
SureDone was originally designed to support automotive and motorsports parts and accessories. We fully support fitment. You can view more of our P&A capabilities here.
A while back, we asked our customer base for a list of reports they would like to see. We received back a list of over 500 very specific reports so we had a decision to make. Do we program each specific report? Or do we create a flexible export mechanism, along with an API, to export product, sales and other information from our system so it can be modeled in another program like Excel. Once again we went to our customers, and the SureDone Export Engine was born. Every bit of data, every field of information, from products to orders, can be exported from SureDone via the user interface, via our automation engine or via our API. No - we don't have the in-app graphical at-a-glance reports, but our customers have said that our system is far more useful for analyzing what's actually going on with their companies.
Not at this time. While some of our competitors have built in repricers, we have found that using a dedicated repricing system like AppEagle or similar products offer significantly more functionality so we have decided not to build this functionality in. Make sure to compare the repricing capabilities integrated into our competitors systems with third party repricing tools.

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