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Is it PC or Web Based?

Web based, SureDone lives on a cloud so you can access it anywhere and there is nothing to download or install.

Do you charge transaction fees?

Nope, we only charge a monthly fee.

Is this for businesses that sell mostly used products?

Any eCommerce business selling new or used products. We work with 1-off, unique items and large SKU retailers with the same products.

Do you charge extra for media or image hosting?

No, image and media hosting are included.

How similar are you to Blackthorne?

We have most of the Blackthorne functionality except we are web based (no download necessary) and include an eCommerce storefront.

How do you transition from Blackthorne to SureDone?

Exporting the database file and importing into the SureDone system with 1 click. For inventory that is not live on eBay, we can take a Blackthorne export and map the images if you have them available. We also have a Blackthorne converter in beta.

Do you have parts compatibility for eBay motors?

Yes, if you have year, make, model you can upload via spreadsheet. We also work with EPIDs.

What separates you from ChannelAdvisor?

We don't charge transaction fees, we are hundreds of dollars per month less, a search optimized storefront is included, we are much easier to learn and we also provide integrations to fulfill your orders (ups/fedex/usps) with no apps, plugins or extra services needed because we are all in one.

Can I integrate your system with my existing website?

Yes, we have a simple integration that requires you to have FTP access. We will download and process inventory CSV files on a schedule you set. We can upload orders in real time or on schedule via CSV or XML and we can process fulfillment the same way.

How long are your contracts?

All plans are month-to-month.

We process millions in orders. Can you handle our volume?

Yes, no problem. We are trusted by top 500 retailers, and built the system to support large volume businesses.

Can I customize my website?

Yes, we give you a couple default templates but everything is customizable with HTML, CSS & Javascript. We also have design partners who can re-skin the website at a very competitive rate.

Can I import listings from all marketplaces & sync them?

Yes, you don't ever have to cancel, relist or start over. We have fast and seamless 1-click import from eBay or Amazon. Once the listings are imported you can push the feed back out to any marketplace.

Can I fulfill my orders inside the platform?

Yes, all orders are centralized and managed under the "Orders" tab in SureDone. You can process them one by one or in bulk. The tracking number is sent to the marketplace and customer.

Can I use my ebay template in your system?

Yes, we convert your eBay templates into our system. You can use our default eBay template, use your existing templates or customize them with HTML & CSS.

Can I export a CSV or spreadsheet with my order information?

Yes, you can easily query all of you orders using the search bar and export the results in seconds. Bookmark the query for a one click export.

How long does it take to get started?

The eBay sync is very quick, it generally takes under hours to import inventory and start listing.

Do you have multi-vendor support?

Yes, we can help automate ftp inventory sync and order exports. FTP automation is in "beta" and only available at the 299/599 levels.There may be additional setup of this required depending on plan and complexity.

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