Supreme Suspensions

The Problem

Sean and his team at Supreme Suspensions weren’t looking for fancy add-ons or extra channels. They had straightforward needs; an inventory management system, a solid Amazon listing platform, the ability to list variations, and the need to manage parts, lots of parts. Their previous provider failed to deliver on its promises of features and industry expertise. Another solution had all the capabilities, but was far too expensive.

According to Sean, both solutions also lacked a reliable, dedicated customer support. With SureDone, Supreme Suspensions found the solid Amazon integration it needed, as well as the responsive support and hands-on training they were unable to find elsewhere.

How They Use SureDone

Supreme Suspensions needed specific functionality surrounding listing to Amazon variations. The SureDone development team, working with the Supreme Suspensions team, was able to build the new feature to do exactly what was needed. The Supreme Suspensions team found the SureDone UI/UX easy to use, and with the help of the dedicated support team, enabled them to pick up the SureDone functionality quickly. This allowed them to start selling more parts, at a faster rate.

The Results

With the help of SureDone, Supreme Suspensions has streamlined their channel management and significantly grown revenue. According to Sean, using SureDone to sell on Amazon has been more valuable to scaling his business than additional channels or advertising platforms. "Using SureDone, retailers like Supreme Suspensions can build a strong e-commerce foundation that fits their specific needs, using only the features they want, at a price they can afford."

Sean McPherson of Supreme Suspensions

"SureDone has helped us grow our Amazon revenue over 300% year to date."

- Sean McPherson
Supreme Suspensions

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