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Turn every PC, laptop and mobile phone into a location where the world can access your products directly.

You may have no storefront today, or one that is not integrated with the rest of your business, or even one that just looks a little tired. With SureDone your brand new site is not only powered by our platform, it is fully integrated into the SureDone platform. This unprecedented level of connection allows products to be listed on your own site, and managed alongside your other channels, including your eBay store and Amazon listings.


Our templates are mobile and tablet friendly, so no device is ever left out.


One-page secure check-out includes integration with payment providers.

SEO Optimized

All pages are SEO optimized and leverage Google best practice recommendations.

A New Hosted Customized Site

Every new SureDone client has the opportunity to migrate to a SureDone hosted website. You can choose from a variety of templates, or install your own. Each template is fully customizable (powered by Twig), allowing you to define your own branding and, of course, use your existing domain.

You could justify the cost of the SureDone investment by what you'll save on the website alone.

Romancing Diamonds SureDone Hosted Website

Pretty and Powerful

Your new SureDone storefront has all the power you need to succeed. We include integration across all of your sales channels. When you sell an item through your SureDone powered website, all of you other marketplaces - including Amazon, eBay and Etsy - are automatically updated. The pages are optimized for fast loading. The product search and one-page check-out ensure that the shopping experience is streamlined and secure. Meanwhile, each page can be optimized for SEO so that your listings, and your site, rank well.

Find Out How

If you have more questions on how our technology can give your current store a refresh, and integrate to your eBay store, or if you are simply looking to sell through your own website, please get in touch.

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