Grow your product line, one spreadsheet at a time.

Increasing sales volume is one of the primary incentives for moving to multichannel selling. Unfortunately, scaling to match the growth of your business can be difficult without the proper infrastructure. That's where SureDone comes in.

SureDone's powerful bulk capabilities provide the tools you need to scale, allowing you to upload as many as FIVE MILLION ITEMS at a time.

Scalable. Fast. Robust.

And our bulk processing system sits on top of an ultra-scalable architecture. We break down your upload into hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of smaller chunks and send them to parallel machines to process. If there aren't enough machines, we autoscale and spin up more. And then we simultaneously blast them to every channel you've configured. And we've built in error control, so if we hit a problem with one of them we'll try again.

List More, Sell More

Scale your business, managing up to 500,000 products at a time.

Excel Compatible

Process data with all the flexibility of the world's leading spreadsheet.

Powerful Workflows

Save time by streamlining your processes, exporting, modifying and importing data.

Management in Bulk

We believe that SureDone's bulk processing capability is simply the best on the market. Create powerful and efficient workflows that will make sure you keep up with demand for your products .

The search and export functions allow you to pinpoint a selection of a class of product. For example, quickly search 'all products with less than 10 in stock that are manufactured by Nike'. Modification of data fields (e.g. reduce price to 20% above cost), as well as importing and re-listing those products, completes a complex process in no time.

Integrate With Your Suppliers

Why not list all of your supplier's products, instead of just a fraction? With SureDone's bulk management, you can increase revenue by adding more products on more channels. The listing process won't take longer, no matter how many products you list, even in bulk.

With the help of bulk functionality, some of SureDone's customers manage nearly 1 million products.

Save Time And Sell More

Sounds simple doesn't it? With SureDone's bulk processing capability, it's a reality. Get in touch to see how your business can benefit.

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