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At SureDone, we believe there's a better way to manage Multichannel e-Commerce. A more valuable way where we can use advanced technology to improve our customer's business while not draining their profits. We want our customers to invest in their businesses. We win because we make our customers successful and ourselves successful as a result. What are we? Simply powerful omnicommerce.

Our Founding

Few people grow up thinking they are going to start a business, but for SureDone's founder, Jason Nadaf, entepreneurship was in his blood. After launching a mortgage automation company just before the market crash, Nadaf went back to his roots in SEO and website development. He had a friend with a motorcycle shop who was selling products on eBay but wanted a website. "Sure. Done," Nadaf said. Two weeks later, the site was number one on Google. Nadaf spent the next year creating the prototype for what would later become SureDone. And a company was born.

Our Growth

Nadaf soon moved to New York City. While the original prototype for SureDone was a B2C play, he realized the real opportunity was in B2B and he pivoted. His friend's motorcycle e-commerce sales had grown from $300k to over $3 million and he had several customers. At a funding pitch at AlleyNYC, Nadaf met investors from New York Angels and was given the opportunity to present to them. The company received funding and invested into technology growth. Tight integration with eBay was added. The platform was enhanced. More customers were brought on. Additional funding was put in place. A second office was opened.

Our Roots, Today and the Future

Today, SureDone offers a suite of software solutions and both professional and managed services - but we keep close to our roots. While we offer capabilities for most any marketplace category, we continue to support our original and fastest growing customer base of automotive and motorsports parts and accessory brands, distributors and resellers. More importantly, we constantly remind ourselves of who made us successful. Our customers and our team. So we continue to be passionate about investing in all of them by delivering more features, better performance, and constantly striving to improve our already high level of customer support.

Our Management Team

Jason Nadaf

CEO and Founder

Jason founded, designed and created SureDone with broad expertise of the entire e-commerce technology market. As CEO and architect of the core platform, he is responsible for the SureDone’s foundation of both the product and business. His product design and industry insight has been instrumental in the success of the platform and in securing partnerships with internet icons such as eBay and Alibaba.

Chris Labatt-Simon

Executive Vice President

Chris leads all non-development aspects of SureDone - sales, marketing, customer onboarding, support, professional services, finance, legal, operations and is responsible for process and efficiency building, fiscal management, and new revenue. His strong tech, strategic and ops background has led him to buy and sell companies and have positions as CEO, COO, CIO, CSO, President, VP, Board Chair and others.

Ryan Witt

Vice President of Engineering

Ryan is seasoned engineering leader that has built teams in ad tech, networking and data science. He has successfully designed and scaled products with large infrastructures, and is responsible for scaling at SureDone. He's written software used by Facebook, Disney Interactive, Shopzilla, neuroscience labs at Caltech, MIT, Brown and NYU with prior positions as CTO, product manager & engineering lead.


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