Jewelry & Watches

If you sell Jewelry, you know that there are differences which make selling in this category, across multiple channels challenging. SureDone understands this and has developed features to support customers who sell rings, necklaces, watches etc. With the ability to support variants, map customizable fields oand create efficient worklows, SureDone will not only support your current processes, it will allow you to expand your listings without the need for you to work longer hours.

More than other categories, to sell Jewelry successfully, requires from individual branding and a stunning website. With SureDone your business can get its new, individually branded, online Jewelry store. Linked to your other channels, using the latest JavaScript plug-ins and SEO optimized pages, your store will be the engine driving your growth.


SureDone Supports Customers selling in the Jewelry Category

Jewelry Variants

Full support for variants. Create products with different attributes (e.g. size, finish or any custom field) and list to today's leading market places and shopping carts.

List In Amazon Jewelry Category

Customizable fields and mapping allows for full support for the Jewelry category in Amazon.

Increase Jewelry Item Listings

Use SureDone's bulk feature to list 1,000s of products at a time (including variations for size, color or metal).

Your New Jewelry Store

Use SureDone to host your individually branded, SEO optimized and completely integrated website storefront.

Is SureDone right for your business?

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