The Salvation Army

The Problem

As the new head of e-commerce in the Northwest, Casey Edwinson was charged with launching unified online retail operations for Salvation Army stores in the region. When Casey and his team began selling on eBay, they went to each physical location, picked the best items, and took them back to divisional headquarters for listing and fulfilment. Although this system was functional, it became clear that this was not a scalable model.

Casey began looking for a system that would allow each individual store to list items and only have access only to edit their own products, all within a unified account. Unable to find a tool that could accommodate these needs, Casey came to SureDone, and together developed a customized solution.

How They Use SureDone

Salvation Army retail locations across the West use SureDone to list on a shared eBay store, so any tool they use needs to be web-based and easy to use. Scalability is central to the SureDone platform, a feature which Salvation Army is now implementing to add more stores and inventory to its online catalog. With SureDone order management and fulfillment, products can be shipped from both individual stores and larger warehouses.

The Results

Over the past year, Salvation Army has taken 14 of its larger stores online, with plans to add 30 more in the next year. The Salvation Army does great work, and SureDone is proud to be a small part of the work they do throughout the world. By tapping into e-commerce channels like eBay, Salvation Army has not only increased revenue from sales, but also increased visibility online, allowing new customers, volunteers, and donors to connect with the brand.

The Salvation Army

"Working with and for the customer after the contract is done is something that stands out to me about SureDone."

- Casey Edwinson
The Salvation Army

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