Product Updates 2015

December 9-December 21, 2015

  • Storefronts & Application - new header X-Frame-Options DENY sent for PCI compliance to block 3rd parties from using SureDone and SureDone storefronts inside of an iFrame.
  • Shipping Uploads - shipments may be reset in bulk by setting upload shipdate to RESET
  • Product Editor - custom fields created with default values now show the default value in the field on product additions
  • Settings Logging - settings may now be audited with history requests setting the type to 'setting'

December 1-December 8, 2015

Performance Upgrades

We have re-written the single item editor from the ground up to radically increase its display performance. You will note that single items now display significantly faster, and you can also scroll through the options much faster.

Updated Default Setting Visual

It is now much easier to see if you are using default settings pulled from channel configuration for individual items.

Please Note: Default functionality has not changed within the SureDone platform. Only the way in which defaults are displayed has changed.

Dropdown lists

Will display the word "Default:" to show which setting is the default. Text input boxes will show gray text for default text.

Multi-select fields (like Bigcommerce Categories)

Do not show default settings.

Toggle Switches

When viewing your products, toggle switches can be one of four colors. Each color represents whether it is using a default from the channel configuration, or whether you have overridden that default.

Status What it means

Light grey

We have pulled the default setting from the channel configuration, and the channel configuration has this setting as "OFF"

Dark grey

We have pulled the default setting from the channel configuration, and the channel configuration has this setting as "ON"


This setting has been overridden from the default channel configuration, and is set to "OFF" for this item


This setting has been overridden from the default channel configuration, and is set to "ON" for this item

Disabling Section Updates

When multiple people are working on the same item at the same time and then submit their changes, in the past they would overwrite each other.

For example, you open Item A. While you are working with Item A, your colleague also opens Item A. You update the eBay description and save your changes. Because these changes are not updated on your colleague's screen (unless he closes Item A and then returns to Item A), when your colleague saves Item A they will overwrite any changes you've made. Your work will be gone.

Another scenario might be if you use a repricer, and want to make sure that your update does not overwrite the price field when you save the item.

With our update, we've provided an approach to keep fields from being updated when you save the item.

Disabling a Specific Field From Updating

Hold down the "ALT" key and click a field. The field will turn grey and will no longer be editable.

Before you hit the ALT key

After you hit the ALT key

When you SAVE your item, the price field will NOT be updated within the SureDone system.

Search Bar is now "Sticky" - And has a Hot Key!

When you are in the "All Products" or "Orders" view, you can now hit Ctrl-Shift-S to show the Search Bar. The escape key will close it.

In addition, the search bar will remain showing after you do your search so you have easy access to search again!

Currency symbol is now shown

We now show the currency symbol within currency related fields. This will assist you with ensuring that you are entering the appropriate pricing for each item. This is especially useful when you use multiple currencies within the SureDone system.

Paid Order Synchronization

Please note: If you currently have Paid Order Sync disabled, please do not enable it before speaking with support.

We have updated the SureDone platform to better synchronize the way that orders are brought into the system. This is primarily for unpaid order synchronization.

If eBay order synchronization is OFF:

  • If the order is paid for, it will import as usual
  • If the order is incomplete for any reason, (usually noPayment, processing payment, or failed payment) it will show up with a tracking number of "CHECKOUTPENDING" and will be placed into the "Shipped" Orders tab. This will:
    • Properly decrement stock
    • Should not be picked up by shipping software
    • Will not show up under "Awaiting Orders" as they did previously.
  • Once an order is paid for, the tracking is reset and the order will be fulfilled as usual (we check for this every 30 minutes with the eBay Order Sync)
  • If an Order is cancelled it will follow the cancellation update below.

The cancellation process has also been updated. The following happens whether Order Paid Sync is enabled or disabled. We check for cancelled orders every 6 hours presently.

  • If an order comes from eBay as "Cancelled" and exists in SureDone, we'll execute a full cancellation action, including replenishing stock.
  • If an order comes from eBay as "Cancelled" and does not exist in SureDone, we will import the order into SureDone but will NOT increment your stock level.

eBay "Skip Checks" Feature

Please note: This is primarily designed for power users with accurate data synchronized between eBay and the SureDone platform. If you are unsure of this, please check with support.

Currently, when an item is edited within the SureDone platform, we perform a series of checks between the data we have and the data that is on eBay for the item. When we notice certain discrepancies, we will automatically update information in order to meet eBay requirements and to prevent eBay errors.

These checks can often take time, and depending on the status of eBay servers can greatly increase how long it takes to do item updates within SureDone.

Users will now be able to disable these checks by turning on "Skip eBay Checks" under Settings > Channels > eBay options. By disabling these checks, the following will occur:

  • You will notice faster eBay processing time for eBay updates both in single item mode and bulk.
  • We will not automatically adjust information between platforms to match
  • Since we are no longer adjusting listings and verifying them, you may receive non-specific errors from eBay if any listing conditions are violated.
  • If conditions are violated and an error is returned, the entire revise or relist will fail. No information will change in your eBay account. The information on SureDone WILL NOT MATCH the information on eBay.
  • If your account has RelistID activated and you change the Listing Type between the listing end time and the relist, there will be an error due to the system trying to relist the old eBayID instead of adding a new one.

Additional Changes

There are numerous additional changes that have been made. These include:


  • Many addition tooltips to help you better understand options
  • In a single item listing view, GUID has become the clickable link to view variations as opposed to SKU
  • White spaces (i.e. multiple spaces) in settings will no longer be stripped or removed
  • Navigating away from "History" will no longer remove parameters
  • The bottom of the settings page is no longer cut off
  • On the single order page, the "Paid With" field now correctly reflects how the order was paid
  • "Shipping Invoice Options" has been renamed to "Picklist & Invoice Options"
  • On the single item listing view, "Status" has moved from under "Storefront" to the "General" section
  • If a field has been locked for editing, the symbol has been made less obtrusive
  • "Move Field" and other dropdowns are no longer cut off when displaying in certain portions of the screen
  • Product list view headers now supports multiple channel and plugin instances
  • After a "Bulk Action" such as "Bulk Edit" is selected in a dropdown, it will continue to be displayed until the "Save" or "Cancel" actions are selected
  • Timestamps in the product list view will now reflect the date and time formats you have configured
  • Custom field order in single item listing view is now saved
  • We have enabled "Type-Ahead" for many drop down selection boxes in the single product page and the orders page


  • We've removed the bulk preview checkbox and have made bulk previews show automatically when images are included. Bulk preview will not display when images are not included.
  • When doing a bulk upload, you can now select to skip "plugins" (such as BigCommerce and Magento) in addition to being able to skip channels
  • When bulk exporting, the system will no longer export headers for plugins and channels that are not in use


  • Amazon FBA information is now displayable as fields within product search results


  • When a category does not accept a variation, we will now warn you and let you know that the parent SKU has been listed as a single item
  • Various additional UI bug and performance fixes

SureDone Storefront

  • The "Store State" and "Store Rule" dropdowns have been combined into a single dropdown


  • We will now warn you when we are unable to use an option from an option set when updating BigCommerce. In the past, no warning was made and no information was passed to BigCommerce
  • We now allow you to decide whether the condition for a specific item will be shown when sending items to BigCommerce (Display Condition Toggle under BigCommerce section)
  • There is now an option in the Plug-In settings to download the most current list of values and codes associated with tax classes and option sets as a CSV file


  • We will now warn you when we are unable to use a variation attribute when updating Magento. In the past, no warning was made and no information was passed to Magento
  • Magento custom user fields will now be shown with spaces unless underscores were specifically used
  • There is now an option in the Plug-In settings to download the most current list of values and codes associated with tax classes and attributes as a CSV file


  • Field "skuvaultsku" will now be correctly set when listing items to SKUVault
  • Various additional UI bug and performance fixes

November 17-November 30, 2015

  • Change Log: MaxID - improved information is now provided via the log. The MaxID allows for better integration with channels such as Magento.
  • Storefront: Improved Google Analytics - the SureDone storefront has been updates to allow enhanced eCommerce tracking of brand, category and variant via Google Analytics.
  • Security: Password update - in line with industry recommendations on security, passwords are now required to be a minimum of 7 characters in length.
  • eBay: Improved performance - eBay Item specifics are now only sent if explicitly set.

November 9-November 16, 2015

  • Item History: Improved performance - navigating back to list from item detail is now significantly faster.
  • All Products List: Media Column - fixed issue allowing column to be added and removed
  • Etsy: Categories - categories are now shown as items in a drop down list
  • Magento: Orders - decimals returned from Magento now correctly rounded
  • eBay: Security Update - tokens are now formally revoked when instance is removed from SureDone

October 27-November 2, 2015

  • eBay Variations Import Update: Import Duplicate SKUs - users that generate an import from eBay now have the ability to import products that may have a duplicate Custom Label by adding an iterated number to the end of the SKU and/or GUID.
    This option may be found in Settings >> Selling >> Sku Options

October 20-October 26, 2015

  • eBay Templates: Channel Aware - customers with multiple eBay accounts can programmatically control their eBay template using a template variable called “instanceid".

October 13-October 19, 2015

  • Google Shopping: Description Mapping Enhanced - It is now possible to map a custom field to the Google Shopping description
  • Search: Improved search for variations - search has been enhanced to allow searching for only parents or children (sku_type:=parent or sku_type:=children)

October 6-October 12, 2015

  • SureDone Storefront: improved Structured Data Markup - storefront enhanced to include the next generation of Google rich snippets using the microdata format. Enables merchants to optimize search and improve rankings by default.
  • International Orders: GSP Address Syncing - orders will now check the Global Shipping Program address data for any changes made in the previous 24 hours, ensuring that the most up to date address is used.
  • eBay Variation Listing: Strike-through Pricing - strike-through pricing is now supported for multiple variation listings on eBay.
  • Magento: Inventory Syncing - an option now exists to perform a full inventory sync between SureDone and Magento periodically and automatically.
  • Magento: Performance Improvement - improved integration response time by locally caching the Magento WSDL file.

September 29-October 5, 2015

  • History: Enhancement to data - data enhanced to show source for partner integrations BigCommerce Magento and SkuVault.
  • SureDone Storefront - forms and emails can now be customized for all pages.
  • Shipstation - bug with shipping amount fixed. Shipping total now correctly updates in all cases.

September 1-28, 2015

  • SkuVault: Major update to the integration between SureDone and SkuVault - Including the ability to fully support kits.
  • eBay: Domestic and International Rate Tables - allowing users to define shipping rates by destination.
  • ShipStation interface enhancements - including increasing the number of fields that can be exchanged.
  • Big Commerce and Magento file-only imports - allows users to export BigCommerce and Magento listings into a CSV file.
  • Big Commerce and Magento enhancements - tracking numbers will now push to both platforms.
  • User notes field - users can now create notes on a product that are not sent to any channel.
  • Storefront: custom message on check-out - to cross promote products, or give more information to customers.
  • History/Audit Trail - enhancements have been made to allow better retrieval of information.
  • Amazon browse nodes - have been updated to reflect the latest Amazon categories.
  • Image rotation - importing of images to SureDone will now respect image orientation.
  • Order Create API - email is no longer a required field.
  • Media Storage - has been enhanced to allow private storage.

August 10-14, 2015

  • Stronger Search Functionality - Added the ability to search multiple of the same field.
    example: (color:red color:blue) will search for the color field with either red or blue. Other examples updated in the Guide
  • Entering "Does Not Apply" on UPC Required Listings - SureDone added a simple toggle to activate when you have an item without a UPC when a UPC is required :: Guide

New Guides

July 27-31, 2015

  • eBay Custom Description Override - For those that want to designate a different description field than the Full Description for their eBay listings, we now have an override for you :: Guide
  • Ship Date / Order Date - SureDone added logic that will ensure the ShipDate is later than the OrderDate. Some Plugins were sending the Ship Date reflecting different timezones.
  • BigCommerce - still in Alpha testing, working through some bug fixes on variation listings

New Guides

July 20-24, 2015

  • eBay Relisting Rules - automatically relist your item and set parameters to either end your listing after X amount of relists or change the listing type and price :: Guide
  • Bulk Exports now has Include - previously you had to select the fields to Remove from your export. Now you can switch it to Include so you can easily select only the few fields you want to export :: Guide
  • eBay/Amazon Imports File Only - now you can create a .csv file that is pulled from eBay or Amazon without importing it into your account. Click Import and File Only to start the download. Then, go to Results and download the “Uploaded File”
  • Amazon FBA orders - if a purchase is made through Amazon FBA or MCF, the order will not go to your ShipStation or SkuVault plugins to fulfill the order through those.
  • ShipStation SKU and Location fields - By default, SureDone sends the SKU field to ShipStation. Now you can custom map the field. You an also specify a location field to be sent :: Guide
  • SkuVault - Every successful Product Import will keep track of when that import occurred so SureDone does not check all items, creating a slow import. Also, images are not downloaded but just the image URLs are added in SureDone :: Guide
  • Order Pigeon Pricing Rules - clients that use Order Pigeon can convert their Cost to add a percentage automatically generating a selling price. This has to be custom added to each account.
  • eBay Fitment Notes - for eBay Parts Compatibility, you can add a note to all of your fitments. There is a max length of 500 characters but we suggest using much less than that for the sake of the buyers. :: Guide
  • Performance Upgrade - our development team implemented speed performances when Adding or Editing items. This means when you click on Add Item or Edit Item specifically.
  • Buyer Names - orders from eBay and Amazon will now have first and last names instead of the full name being only in the last name
  • BigCommerce - our QA team is now alpha testing this marketplace

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