Product Updates

September 13, 2019

Version: v3.55

  • Upgrades:
    • Amazon:
      • Listed Status - implement support for setting amznislisted via bulk or the API. Accepts a value of 1 or 0 and requires force be set to true.
    • Etsy (new API integration):
      • Images - upgraded to support 10 photos per listing.
      • Variation Images - upgraded to support association of variation specifics with swatch images via the recently released listingvariationimage API.
      • when_made - updated list to latest values offered via the Etsy API.
    • Automation Engine:
      • Action Search - upgraded to support field comparison in search with suredone_actions and vendor_actions. For example, with an inventory export of stock you can intelligently export the value of maxstock instead with the config {"suredone_actions":[{"search":"maxstock:>0 maxstock:<stock","setValue":{"stock":"maxstock"}}]}.
      • Order Updates - upgraded with retries to ensure automations with non-atomic operations succeed or notify with critical errors.
    • Core:
      • Custom Field Removals - improved performance of underlying mechanism to ensure minimal impact in catalogs with millions of products.
  • Fixes:
    • Shopify - issue addressed with imports of order country from country_code.

September 06, 2019

Version: v3.54

  • Upgrades:
    • Etsy (new API integration):
      • Imports - upgraded to support large catalog imports and large images.
      • When Made - upgraded value of when_made list to include 2010_2019.
      • Logging - upgraded to include full product requests and responses.
      • End listing - will now delete listing instead of deactivating.
      • SKU - introduce etsysku as protected field for reference of child variations.
    • Automation Engine:
      • Process Namespaced XLSX - accommodate XLSX files that use namespaces that differ from the default.
    • Core:
      • Order Item Default Custom Fields - for new users, the following order item fields are now provisioned by default:
        • Item Status - itemstatus use to better track order item status in complex and automated fulfillment processes.
        • Vendor/Supplier - vendor use to specify the source of products provided by third parties in automated fulfillment processes.
        • Purchase Order ID - purchaseorderid use to store third party purchase orders that may be required in drop shipped fulfillment.

        Order Item Custom Fields
  • Fixes:
    • eBay - issue addressed with updated order numbers upgrade not importing orders in edge case where new orders numbers could not be found in legacy eBay API responses. Per eBay developer support, SureDone now compares OrderLineItemID between responses as a fallback when confirming orders are not already imported with legacy order numbers.

August 30, 2019

Version: v3.53

  • Upgrades:
    • eBay:
      • Item Specifics API - implement UsageConstraint in payloads to show when specifics are Optional, Recommended, or Required.
      • Revise - requests will be executed if only mapped ConditionNotes are set.
    • Etsy:
      • Ship Tracking - improvements made to log only valid shipment errors.
    • Walmart:
      • OAuth Authentication - Walmart deprecated legacy APIs v1 and v2 on August 28, 2019, with that change SureDone now requires the Client ID and Client Secret for oAuth to leverage V3 APIs. See updated guide.
  • Fixes:
    • Shopify - issue addressed with product imports not completing due to throttle limit counts not refreshing.
    • Etsy - issue addressed with import of new orders on new version.

August 23, 2019

Version: v3.52

  • Upgrades:
    • Magento2:
      • Maximum concurrent bulk requests - introduce setting plugin_bulk_throttle as companion to plugin_write_throttle to queue bulk requests before attempting update calls to Magento2 API.
        Magento2 Bulk Throttling
    • Core:
      • Logging API - introduce new type called event for logging intermediate states between updates such a connection status or file upload/download.
      • Channel API - introduce ASIN search to return Amazon product matches:
        • endpoint - POST to channel/amazon/asin/search
        • fields - id and type required, category optional (boolean)
        • id - accepts up to 5 values as an array or single string value
        • type - accepts one of ASIN GCID SellerSKU UPC EAN ISBN JAN
        • category - when true will import browse node information
    • Automation Engine:
      • Order Update Export Search - introduce support for order_update_export_search which accepts a search string to limit order item or shipment updates. For example, in a multi item order that is drop shipped from multiple vendors this search can limit which order items to set a Purchase Order ID. Works with setting order_line_item false.
      • Trigger Values - introduce support for multiple trigger values and keys. In automations where triggers are leveraged and require implementing multiple return values between calls, there is now support for maintaining values in numbered keys as key1, key2, key3, etc - with numbered trigger values that may be utlized as trigger_value1, trigger_value2, trigger_value3, etc. See example automation below:
      • Logging - refactored:
        • identifer - is now set as automation-{{id}}
        • job_id - is now set as the automation slug
        • type - is now set as event for intermediary automation events, with only the final status log specifying type as either item or order

        Automation Logging
  • Fixes:
    • eBay - issue addressed with updated order numbers upgrade returning legacy order numbers for unpaid orders and importing as duplicate orders. Per eBay developer support, old order IDs will be returned for commitments (not paid orders) in GetOrders API responses.
    • Magento - issue addressed with Sync empty field values setting on updating Price to 0 when magentoprice is empty or 0.
    • Logging - issue addressed where the logging API was not returning results for identifier with the following characters:
      + - = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? :.

August 16, 2019

Version: v3.51

  • Upgrades:
    • Amazon:
      • Restrict Order PII Data & Logs - order requests will no longer return sensitive data after 45 days from import. See full release details.
    • Google:
      • Product Link Source - support Shopify product URLs to be used in Google Shopping Actions, Google Shopping and Google Shopping Ad requests.
    • BigCommerce:
    • Shopify:
      • Store URL - introduce store_url setting for ensuring export of production product URLs to Google Shopping.
        Shopify Store URL Setting
    • Magento2:
      • Maximum write API calls per second - introduce API throttle setting plugin_bulk_throttle to limit the number of concurrent update calls.
        Magento2 Throttling
      • Ship Tracking - introduce ability to export fulfilled order shipments.
    • SkuVault:
    • ShipStation & ShipWorks:
      • Responses - invalid credentials will now return 401 Unauthorized.
        ShipStation ShipWorks 401 Unauthorized
    • Core:
      • Search - extended special sku_type parameter to return variations and non-variations:
        • sku_type:=variation will return only variation products.
        • sku_type:-=variation will return only non-variation products.
      • Marketplace as a Service - improve support for white labeling authorization of the following channels:
        • Google Shopping Actions
        • Walmart
        • Etsy
        • BigCommerce
        • Shopify

August 9, 2019

Version: v3.50

  • Upgrades:
    • eBay:
    • Amazon:
      • Product listing - SearchTerms element change.
        Amazon SearchTerms upgrade
      • Product Listing - Shoes now supports new elements AgeRangeDescription, FootwearSizeSystem, ShoeSizeAgeGroup, ShoeSizeGender, ShoeSizeClass, ShoeSizeWidth, ShoeSize, ShoeSizeToRange, ShoeSizeGenderUnisex, ShoeSizeWidthUnisex, ShoeSizeUnisex, ShoeSizeToRangeUnisex
        Amazon Shoes elements upgrade
    • Magento2:
      • Fitment - parity support with Magento that allows export of fitment to a custom field in Magento2.
    • Core:
      • Product weight - defaults to a 4 decimal place field for new users or by support request.
  • Fixes:
    • Magento2 - issue addressed with magentotwoskip not working in bulk.
    • Logging - issue addressed where the logging API was returning results for similar identifiers (guid or order for products and orders respectively).

August 2, 2019

Version: v3.49

  • Upgrades:
    • Automation Engine:
      • Set values failure - introduce support for object_failure_update:
        • errorCode accepts HTTP error code, only update object when this error code is received.
        • errorMessage only update object when error message contains this string.
        • updates object of key/value pairs of object to be updated.
    • Interface:
      • Product Editor - will no longer show Stock field data if product is a Kit or Bundle (iskit true).
  • Fixes:
    • SkuVault - issue addressed with automated product imports not completing.
    • Storefront - issue addressed with category additions and modifications not reflecting in the product editor category select menu.
    • Interface - issue addressed with the product list view not sorting on cost, msrp and discountprice fields.

July 26, 2019

Version: v3.48

  • Fixes:
    • BigCommerce - issue addressed due to a BigCommerce V2 API regression where option set name stopped being returned in the payload as of late 2018. To address this, users must use oAuth to authorize the BigCommerce integration in order for SureDone to leverage V3 API functionality.

July 19, 2019

Version: v3.47

  • Upgrades:
    • Shopify launched:
      • Complete integration for product listing, inventory management and order management is now live in beta.
      • Contact support for access to this integration while in beta.
        SureDone launches Shopify integration
    • Etsy (new API integration):
      • Enabled for all new users and for users that have no active listings.
      • Contact support for steps to upgrade if you have existing listings.
        SureDone launches Etsy upgrades
    • eBay:
      • ebayrelistid - added support via the API and Bulk to replace or remove the Relist ItemId.
      • Variation SKU Imports - removed the process of setting eBay variation SKUs during import in cases where there is empty value. Also removed was the import setting Exclude Variation SKU Setting introduced in v3.43.
    • BigCommerce:
      • Imports - upgraded to make better use of BigCommerce API Quotas.
    • Orders:
      • Address Validation - introduce setting to disable address validation on order imports.
        Address validation setting
  • Fixes:
    • Orders - issue addressed in setting an incorrect order dateutc when submitting only a valid local date during order creation.
    • eBay & Amazon - issue addressed that would erroneously set the order billing or shipping first name to the last name or set the last name as the only name in cases where the buyer has entered a corrupt recipient name.
    • eBay - issue addressed with complex variations with multiple levels of drop down selectors that would not show the correct variation specific image for the parent product or children. The fix specifically respects the image set of the first product in the variation hierarchy that matches to a variation specific during listing creation. The fix also ensures the parent variation specific image set is not overwritten when updating listings via child variations.
    • Google Shopping Actions - issue addressed with logging an incorrect action relist introduced with a fix in v3.37

July 12, 2019

Version: v3.46

  • Upgrades:
    • Orders:
      • Merge shipment shipitems in cases where multiple shipsku and shipquantity are submitted via separate requests for a single shipment.
      • Increase order item media field length to 500 characters.
    • Automation Engine: implement support for shipsku and shipquantity for order line item shipments.
    • Etsy (new API integration):
      • Listing Expires & State - are now displayed in the product editor
        Etsy listing expiration and state
    • Storefront - PayPal Adaptive checkout transactions are now stored for 48 hours.
  • Fixes:
    • eBay - issue addressed in cases with complex variation listings where multiple variation child images were not correctly linking to the variation specific.

July 5, 2019

Version: v3.45

  • Upgrades:
    • Core: creation and removal of custom fields now execute immediately.
      • Field length limit of 1 - 50 characters.
      • Field name must not start or end with a number.

      Custom Fields Creation
    • Etsy (new API integration):
      • Auto Renew settings - introduce plugin and product etsyautorenew for listing renewal
        Etsy Auto Renew Setting
      • etsytaxonomyid - required with etsycategoryid no longer being required.
      • Set state inactive - when performing update of quantity less than or equal to 0.
      • Set state active - when performing relist and quantity updated is greater than 0.

June 28, 2019

Version: v3.44

  • Fixes:
    • Bulk - performance issue addressed with product variation uploads that contain over 100 variation children causing upload to fail.
    • Orders Export UI - issue addressed of not being able to save field order and with field order missing new order item custom fields.

June 22, 2019

Version: v3.43

  • Upgrades:
    • UI: implement searching by Request ID via request_id in the logs interface.
      Logging search Request ID
    • eBay:
      • Taxonomy, Specifics & Fitment Compatibility - tables updated with latest attributes supported by version 1107.
      • Item Location - when revising US or Motors listings, you may now specify multiple ebaylocation by submitting multiple delimited states IE CA, TN, GA, CA, TN, GA, OH, NY, CO, WA, TX and deleting the PostalCode via ebayshippingcalculatedpostalcode from the listing. Maximum 45 characters allowed and ebayshippingcalculatedpostalcode must have an existing value during the revise.
        eBay multiple item locations
        eBay multiple item locations
      • Orders ExtendedOrderId - imported as details.ExtendedOrderId for reference to new eBay order number format during transition.
        eBay ExtendedOrderId order numbers
      • Imports - for eBay accounts with many variation listings, imports may now be sped up by checking Exclude Variation SKU Setting.
        eBay listing import variations performance enhancement
    • Etsy (new API integration):
      • Variation listings - in migrating to the new API integration, the following process must followed to create and manage Etsy variation listings:
        • Variation children must have all required fields including etsytaxonomyid etsyshippingtemplateid and any taxonomy specific required fields
        • Disable the variation parent in SureDone via bulk or API action end or via the interface by clicking Disable
        • Deactivate the listing directly on
        • Relist the variation parent in SureDone via bulk or API action relist or via the interface by clicking Retry

        Etsy variation listing deactivate
        Etsy variation listing creation
      • Skip Stock & Price - implemented support for etsyskip values of alwaysSkipStockPrice alwaysSkipStock alwaysSkipPrice to prevent quantity and/or price updates.
    • Walmart: implement oAuth for token based authentication and V3 API endpoints for inventory and product import requests.
      Walmart API oAuth V3 change notice
      Walmart oAuth token based authentication settings
    • Automation Engine: implement support for template within triggers and http POST variables by using {{TEMPLATE}} as the post variable configuration value.
  • Fixes:
    • BigCommerce - issue addressed with imports failing when errors are returned from the BigCommerce API.
    • Walmart - removed erroneous error Could not make item: Error Creating Product Missing required field: category preventing updates for listed Walmart products.

June 14, 2019

Version: v3.42

  • Fixes:
    • eBay - issue addressed with double calculating tax within order total due to incorrect eBayCollectAndRemitTax documentation.
    • Storefront - issue addressed with storefront cache not clearing on update.
    • Orders UI - issue addressed with interface not showing up for new sub users.

June 7, 2019

Version: v3.41

  • Upgrades:
    • Core: custom user fields may now have a name with length up to 50 characters.
    • Orders:
      • Line item fulfillment - core API now accepts shipitems or shipsku with shipquantity within order shipments to specify line item package SKUs and quantities. This support extends to channels that support ship tracking by order line item such as eBay and Amazon.
        • shipitems - accepts an object of arrays, ie {"shipments":[{"shiptracking":"123123123123","shipdate":"NOW","shipitems":{"U8800ZZZ":1}}]}
        • shipsku - will set a single shipment item object, ie {[{"shiptracking":"123123123123","shipdate":"NOW","shipsku":"U8800ZZZ","shipquantity":1}]}
        • shipdetails.items - the above examples would save as {"items":[{"sku":"U8800ZZZ","quantity":1}]} within shipdetails.items
      • Refund line items - core API now accepts refunditems or refundsku with refundquantity within order refunds.
      • REJECTED status - introduce new status that will not sync to channels or notify customers. Use this status to identify orders that have failed a logistics process such as a failed purchase order or failed drop ship request to a third party warehouse distributor.
        Order status REJECTED
      • CHECKOUTPENDING status - removed as part of a previous deprecation.
    • Storefront: 2019 default template upgraded with modern mobile responsive checkout experience.
    • eBay:
      • Core API - upgrade to version 1107.
      • Items Specifics - upgraded support for 45 specifics per listing.
      • PaymentInstructions - now limited to 500 characters in product listings.
      • eBayCollectAndRemitTax - order total now calculated with consideration to this value being true.
      • Managed Payments - paymentmethod saved as CreditCard for Managed Payments orders.
    • SkuVault: introduce backup daily inventory sync that runs at 2:30 GMT.
  • Fixes:
    • Storefront - issue addressed with checkout free shipping charging shipping for the default shipping service when using legacy services.

May 31, 2019

Version: v3.40

  • Upgrades:
    • Bulk: Increased speed & performance for variation product uploads.
    • Magento2: integration now available to all users.
    • Etsy: integration rebuilt to leverage latest Listing Inventory, Taxonomy and other listing APIs.
    • Orders: legacy ship tracking file uploads deprecated in favor of bulk orders.
      Legacy Ship Tracking File Uploads Deprecated
  • Fixes:
    • Orders Search:
      • Issue addressed of not being able to compare order address fields, for example search shippingcountry:=us shippingcountry:=billingcountry.
        Orders search compare shipping/billing fields

May 24, 2019

Version: v3.39

  • Upgrades:
    • Logging API:
      • Records returned - the parameter records now accepts a value up to 1000 to return up to that many log results.
  • Fixes:
    • Kits & Bundles:
      • Issue addressed of sold kit products not syncing correct inventory to channels when leveraging secondary component inventory fields for inventory calculation.

May 17, 2019

Version: v3.38

  • Upgrades:
    • Amazon:
      • Product imports - when identifiers match multiple entries in the Amazon catalog, asins_multi_matches will now return data for multiple matches.
    • DCi integration:
      • Product matching - new configuration for asin_multiple introduced to provide users with more control over DCi products that match to multiple products in the Amazon catalog:
        • Will set amznmasin to MULTIPLE if there are multiple ASIN matches.
        • Introduce amznasinmultiple header which exposes multiple matched asins.
  • Fixes:
    • Bulk:
      • Issue addressed of order and shipment uploads not respecting locked headers such as shippingstatus=COMPLETE.
      • Issue addressed of request and result files not being downloadable when + characters exist in the file name.
    • eBay:
      • Auto relist rules no longer execute from platform notification imports.
      • In response to server errors returned from the eBay API (HTTP Status 503 - This application is not currently available, Ack response checking has been upgraded.
    • Orders UI:
      • Issue addressed of pagination not working in the orders list interface.

May 9, 2019

Version: v3.37

  • Upgrades:
    • Core Platform:
      • API - performance enhancement reducing the number of 502 errors sometimes returned.
      • Bulk File API - upgraded to accept bulk_name parameter to support custom bulk file and job naming to provide parity with the bulk upload interface.
      • Kit Product Upgrades:
        • Products may now be converted into kits by setting iskit true with action edit, kitlinks and force true. On success will set stock 0 to allow for dynamic inventory calculation. Will return an error if the product is an existing kit component.
        • Kits may now be converted into products by setting iskit false with action edit and force true.
        • For more information, see Kits & Bundles guides.
    • Walmart:
    • Google Shopping Actions / Google Express:
      • Full product payloads always sent - full product payloads including inventory are now always sent due to a limitation with the Google Content API that causes availability and other attributes to be removed if they are missing from the request.
      • alwaysSkipStock alwaysSkipStockPrice - support removed for all actions except sold due to the above upgrade.
      • Min & Max Stock - introduce field mapping and support for minstock and maxstock for setting minimum stock buffers and maximum stock levels respectively.
    • Automation Engine:
      • Dynamic Variables in HTTP Parameters - support for product & order variables in HTTP parameters. This functionality may accommodate use cases such as drop shipping integrations that require a purchase order numbers in the request URL to download ship tracking.
  • Fixes:
    • UI:
      • Issue addressed of not being to add ebay{instance}skip or amzn{instance}skip fields to the All Products interface.
        ebay amazon skip products list
    • Magento:
      • Issue addressed around edge case of Magento data being wiped when both Magento and Magento2 are installed.

May 3, 2019

Version: v3.36

  • Fixes:
    • Automation Engine:
      • Issue addressed with response_field_map not writing back data for product exports. This fix enables support for automation based listing integrations to write back product identifiers on successful requests.

April 26, 2019

Version: v3.35

  • Upgrades:
    • Core Platform:
      • Bulk orders - support for actions to create, update and archive orders has been added to the bulk processor. Similar to product uploads, CSV files with an action in the first column and identifier (either oid or order) in the second column will create or update all order fields provided in the file. Files that do not have an action in the first column will default to update. To support multiple shipments, refunds, or order items in a single row provide headers that correlate to the object index that is to be updated, for example to update the second order item quantity provide itemid2 and quantity2 headers in the file. Furthermore, support for deleting order items, shipments and refunds is available by setting the action to delete and identifier to itemid, shipid or refundid to delete order items, shipments and refunds respectively. Mark orders shipped on marketplaces by setting headers and values for shipments (shiptracking, shipcarrier and shipdate minimum) along with shippingstatus set to COMPLETE.
        bulk orders results
        bulk orders result emails
        Example CSV bulk order header layouts provided below:





        Along with all these upgrades, the legacy shipping CSV upload is being deprecated June 1st, 2019
        shipping csv legacy deprecated
    • eBay:
      • Business policies shipping type - domesticShippingType and intlShippingType are now saved under ShippingPolicyProfile along with the profileName and profileId to enable better validation logic via the API.
        ebay business policies shipping type
      • Retries for item imports - due to the increased number of Internal Error responses from the eBay API, retry logic has been added to GetItem calls for import of eBay listings that encounter this error.
      • Clear Item ID toggle - due to issues experienced with eBay API GetSellerList calls, a toggle for disabling the clear inactive Item ID job has been implemented.
        clear inactive ebay item id toggle
    • Automation Engine:
      • Trigger support for job based systems - support for asynchronous integrations that return a request identifier that must be checked later via connection.triggers is now available. This functionality may accommodate use cases such as a job request that returns a payload to download on import or status confirmation for product listing payloads on export.
  • Fixes:
    • Google Shopping Actions:
      • Issue addressed around edge case of incorrectly formatting the Google offerId as number instead of a string.
    • UI:
      • Issue addressed of users not being able to manage saved exports with multiuser set on.
      • Issue addressed of the orders list view not saving modifications to the interface layout.
        orders ui upgrades

April 19, 2019

Version: v3.34

  • Upgrades:
    • Core Platform:
      • Custom Field Enhancements - Fields created with type varchar now have a length limit of 2500.
    • Automation Engine:
      • API Enhancements - PATCH and DELETE requests now return id in the response.
      • API Logging Enhancements - id is now logged to job_id for better auditing of updates.
      • ASIN import - now will import ASIN from UPC directly from Amazon if the last ASIN import is more than 30 days old. This functionality is specific to our DCi implementation to aid automated listing from their data catalog.
  • Fixes:
    • Google Shopping Actions:
      • Issue addressed around errors experienced with SKUs that have spaces and other characters that would return 400 responses from Google that may have affected end, delete and sold action updates.
    • eBay:
      • Issue addressed of edge case with auctionsrelist on, outofstock off and use of maxstock or minstock that would list out of stock items on sold action.

April 10, 2019

Version: v3.33

  • Upgrades:
    • UI Orders:
      • List View Performance Enhancements - The orders list view now loads significantly faster with the removal of the the card style for different channel orders which have been replaced in favor of absolute search links.
        orders ui upgrades
      • Saved Searches - The interface now supports saving of order searches in the top menu for fast access to common order search queries.
        orders ui saved searches
      • Line Item Exports - The interface now supports exporting orders in lineitem format, which will export each order item on a separate row of the CSV export file. This is only supported with Legacy Export set to Off in the Orders Settings.
        orders line item export
        orders line item export csv
    • Google Shopping Actions:
      • Website-less support - Google Shopping Actions now supports merchants that do not have a dedicated storefront. To support this change, SureDone no longer requires a valid link to publish listings to Google Express.
    • eBay:
      • alwaysSkipPrice alwaysSkipStockPrice - upgraded to no longer send StartPrice for variation products on ReviseItem.
  • Fixes:
    • Google Shopping Actions:
      • Issue addressed when performing a relist with no data in using BigCommerce or Magento storefront URLs for sending link to Google Shopping Actions.
    • eBay:
      • Issue addressed when setting a price of 0.00 causing an error on ReviseItem, this has been resolved by no longer sending price if it is less than or equal to 0.
    • Storefront:
      • Issue addressed when using Store Freight Shipping allowing checkout of freight items with a weight greater than 150 pounds.
        orders ui saved searches

April 5, 2019

Version: v3.32

  • Upgrades:
    • Bulk:
      • ACES CSV Support - The bulk uploader now accepts ACES files in CSV format to support import of automotive fitment that is structured with a unique fitment per line on the CSV file. Originated from the need to support data from Sema Data Co-Op, a new action=fitment header along with with a minimum of guid, year, make, model headers are required to load fitment via this format.
        bulk aces csv support
    • UI Product Editor:
      • Description - The WYSIWYG editor now supports HTML link and style tags for embedding styles in the custom eBay description and other fields.

March 29, 2019

Version: v3.31

  • Upgrades:
    • eBay:
      • Fulfillment - extended to support order line item shipments that can correlate specific shipments with specific order line items:
        Currently only supported via the API & in Bulk - send in shipdetails.items as an array of sku to quantity or as an array of objects with a minimum of sku and quantity fields (these objects can also support other fields for extended functionality in third party applications and marketplaces).
        Example payload: {"oid": 123, "shiptracking": 99999999, "shipcarrier": "USPS", "shipdetails": {"items": [{"sku": "abc123", "quantity": 2}]}}
      • Product listing interface extended with fields ebay{instance}starttime ebay{instance}endtime ebay{instance}promotionstarttime ebay{instance}promotionendtime
        product listing interface fields
      • Images Reset - There is a new Bulk/API option to reset all images on eBay, specific use case where images need to be removed from eBay (IE eBay shows 5 images but user has 3 images)
        Send in ebaymediareset true with action relist to ensure excess images are removed from listings.
      • Dynamic Item Specifics - To extend the way eBay Item Specifics are supported (field mapping, product level mapping), there is now support for dynamic eBay Item Specifics that are not registered in either of the above settings. To leverage this in Bulk or via the API upload the format as ebayitemspecificsLabel Name and SureDone will translate the Label Name and submit the correlated item specific value.
      • Fitment table upgraded with March 2019 MVL data.
    • MaaS Partner APIs:
      • Extended support for eBay OAuth authorization via the authorize endpoint.
    • Magento2 launched:
      • Complete integration for product listing, inventory management and order management is now live in beta.
      • Contact support for access to this integration while in beta.

March 22, 2019

Version: v3.30

  • Upgrades:
    • Amazon Feed Processing:
      • Processing of product feeds & statuses upgraded to optimize handling of large catalog uploads.
      • Processing of secondary feeds broken up into separate inventory, price, variations, image and shipping updates.
    • SKUs may now include the following characters a-zA-Z0-9-+_ /.():;#|.
    • Mailer now supports custom SMTP host, user and passwords for white list mail delivery
      mail upgrades
    • MaaS Partner APIs:
      • User creation is now restricted to authenticated partners, for more information visit
      • Introduced user management endpoint to manage and list partner user accounts.

March 15, 2019

Version: v3.29

  • Upgrades:
    • Search:
      • Relative dates are now supported in search fields in the core API/App, Automation Engine and Storefront. Example search now supported: dateupdated:>"-1 year"
        search date
        search date update
    • Bulk processing: Major performance increase for bulk uploads that included many kits, processing speed has exponentially increased and resolved an issue where some bulk jobs did not complete due to hitting internal timeouts.
    • Skip: limit product inventory and/or price updates
      • alwaysSkipStockPrice: introduce marketplace support to skip price & inventory updates.
      • alwaysSkipStock: introduce marketplace support to skip inventory updates.
      • alwaysSkipPrice: introduce marketplace support to skip price updates.
      • See the full guide for complete details.
    • eBay domestic and international rate table IDs are now supported via ebayshippingratetabledom and ebayshippingratetableintl fields respectively.
  • Fixes:
    • eBay listing shipping settings:
      • Issue addressed when only ebayshippingratetabledom or ebayshippingratetableintl are uploaded, shipping would not revise on eBay.
    • Orders interface: issue addressed where text would overflow if the length of the field value was longer than the field size.

March 8, 2019

Version: v3.28

  • Upgrades:
    • Walmart images:
      • Integration will now send multiple productSecondaryImageURL URLs effectively allowing more than 2 images to be sent to Walmart:
        • If productSecondaryImageURL is mapped, this field supports multiple images separated by *.
        • Otherwise will iterate through images in media2 through mediax.
    • Google Shopping Actions:
      • Orders with paymentStatus of pendingAuthorization are no longer imported.
      • sellOnGoogleQuantity now sent on all product calls.
    • eBay GetItFast deprecated, see more.
    • Automation Engine new suredone_actions:
      • setAddress change address for object export, only valid when payload_multi is false and a template exists, and for connections that support 'address' (email also accepts array for multiple addresses). For example, you can now send purchase orders to multi supplers with unique email addresses that switch based on the search of a custom order item field.
      • replace: perform string search and replacements during runtime.
      • regexExtract: use regular expressions to parse out data from strings during runtime.
  • Fixes:
    • Amazon order imports:
      • Issue addressed where periodically order item prices would import incorrectly if over 1,000.

March 1, 2019

Version: v3.26

  • Upgrades:
    • Automation Engine:
      • Add context to the History logging interface.
        Logging History
      • Extended support for payload_multi to products and orders
        on import: if true: normal import, if false: make an external connection call for each object, used with variables in the address
        on export: if true: include all objects in single report, if false: create one report per object, must be handled by template.
      • Extended support for dynamic HTTP connection addresses that can be populated by object data, for example to support order drop ship APIs that accept Purchase Order IDs as an address parameter.
  • Fixes:
    • SKU Generator:
      • Issue with SKU counter locking and generating long time based numbers addressed.
      • Generator has been rebuilt and will no longer lock or generate time based numbers.
        Sku Generator

February 22, 2019

Version: v3.25

  • Upgrades:
    • Automation Engine:
      • Extended support for importing multiple order items, shipments, and refunds.
      • Extended support for updating multiple order items, shipments, and refunds.
      • Extended support for XML and JSON payload mapping via XPath and JSONPath.
      • Extended support for email mark_as_seen to mark an email as read if successfully importing a file from it.
  • Fixes:
    • Kits & Bundles:
      • Kits & bundels may now be delinked from components:
      • Set iskit false, action edit with force true.
    • Bulk Variations:
      • Variation data is now always refreshed during channel sync.
      • Addresses issue of bulk failing when variation payloads are extremely large.
    • Product Defaults:
      • Default skip values are now respected for all channels.
    • MaaS Partner APIs:
      • eBay business policy & item specifics API fixed.

February 15, 2019

Version: v3.24

  • Features:
    • Storefront template:
      • A new mobile responsive customizable template is now available.
      • Follows best practices for Google Shopping and structured markup.
    • eBay lot support:
      • Bundle products created in SureDone will now set LotSize to the number of components in the bundle.

February 08, 2019

Version: v3.23

  • Upgrades:
    • eBay orders with multiple items now import:
      • Individual order items with status ARCHIVED
      • Combined order with all items with status READY
      • when Payment marked Complete on eBay and
        CheckoutStatus is Complete on eBay and
        OrderStatus is Completed on eBay and
        eBayPaymentStatus is NoPaymentFailure on eBay.
    • BigCommerce updates are now queued asynchronously when receiving X-Bc-Apilimit-Remaining from their API.
  • Features:
    • SkuVault export manual orders:
      • A new setting pushManualOrders now accepts a string of channels to export delimited by ,.

February 04, 2019

Version: v3.22.0

  • New Features:
    • The frequency of the eBay backup order imports job has been increased from three times daily to six times daily.

January 25, 2019

Version: v3.21.0

  • Bug Fixes:
    • In some cases, GSA orders would not always import as CANCELED when the status of the order payload was Canceled. This has been fixed.
    • The raw.order field was sometimes omitted from meta on GSA order imports. This has been fixed.

January 18, 2019

Version: v3.20.0

  • New Features:
    • SureDone is now supporting eBay International Returns (via bulk or the API). This introduces new ebay_returns sub-settings
      • Previous format: star-delimited array of up to 5 values
      • Previous format example: ReturnsAccepted*30*MoneyBackOrReplacement*Buyer*someValue
      • New format example: ReturnsAccepted*30*MoneyBackOrReplacement*Buyer*someValue*ReturnsAccepted*
      • Defined indexes below (correlating ebay_returns setting indexes to field names)
        • 0:ebayreturnsreturnsaccepted
        • 1:ebayreturnswithin
        • 2:ebayreturnsrefund
        • 3:ebayreturnsshippingcostpaidby
        • 4:ebayreturnsdescription
        • 5:ebayreturnsinternationalreturnsaccepted
        • 6:ebayreturnsinternationalreturnswithin
        • 7:ebayreturnsinternationalrefund
        • 8:ebayreturnsinternationalshippingcostpaidby
      • A new default setting, "Returns International", has been added to Settings > Channels > eBay

      • eBay international returns default setting
      • New API fields have been introduced:
        • ebayreturnsinternationalreturnswithin
        • ebayreturnsinternationalrefund
        • ebayreturnsinternationalshippingcostpaidby
      • The following existing API fields have been deprecated because of changes on eBay's end:
        • ebayreturnsrestockingfeevalue
        • ebayholidayreturn
    • ebayshippinginternational{1-5}location now supports multiple values. Those values can be separated by comma "," or star "*" characters.
    • eBayCollectAndRemitTax will now be imported into channeldetails if true, for eBay orders.
    • ebayshippingratetabledom now supports a value of a valid rate table id for domestic rate tables.
    • ebay{instance}shippingratetableintl now supports a value of a valid rate table id for international rate tables.
    • ebay import will now import ebayoptions.ratetable values with either RateTableId, on, or off.

January 11, 2019

Version: v3.19.0

  • New Features:
    • SureDone will now mark Amazon orders as shipped in SureDone when they are fulfilled outside of SureDone.
      • Full Amazon MWS Feed responses are now logged
      • Amazon orders that are fulfilled outside of SureDone will now mark as shipped once Amazon returns an order status of Shipped by creating a shipment in SureDone and setting shippingstatus = COMPLETE for orders with shippingstatus != COMPLETE
      • The shipment will be a dummy shipment with shiptracking = SHIPPED for orders with OrderStatus = SHIPPED in Amazon, since Amazon only indicates orders were shipped, and does not provide tracking information.

      • amazon update shipped orders shipped
    • SureDone now better supports errors returned from eBay LMS.
      • These errors are accounted for by including them in an internal active_errors payload.
      • With support for active_errors SureDone will now avoid clearing out eBay ItemIds with the ItemIdClear job as this list will be considered during the run.
      • active_errors ItemIds will be included in eBay product imports
    • SureDone now supports sending tracking numbers to Etsy. Adding a tracking number to a shipment and marking as shipped as normal to an Etsy order will result in the tracking number being sent to Etsy.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Because GSA does not have support for inventory levels, this could cause a situation where a product on GSA sells enough to go out of stock. This would lead to the item going out of stock on all other channels, but remaining in stock on GSA. This has been fixed, and products will go out of stock on GSA when they are out of stock.

January 04, 2019

Version: v3.18.0

  • New Features:
    • Automation Engine now supports using {{DATE}} for specifying file names to read from.
    • Automation Engine now supports moving and/or renaming remote files after the automation completes, in addition to deleting the remote file.

2018 Product Updates

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