How To: Use Amazon XML Mapping

Amazon XML mapping is used to fill in your Product Details on Amazon.  These details on Amazon not only give potential customers more information about your product, it also helps in search results. The more information you give to your customer the more apt they are to purchase.  Also, some product details are required depending on the types of products you sell.

To begin, you should know how to create a Custom User Field. To learn or refresh yourself, please click here to view our guide.

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Selling

3. Click on Amazon XML Mapping


4. Click on an Amazon “Main Category”


5. Select the field (s) you need within the main category and choose the Custom Field you created, or that already exists in the system. This is how you map Amazon XML and get it ready to give it a value.


6. In the Suredone Editor, you will see a list of Custom Fields. In our example, the Amazon XML tag “Brand” was mapped to the Custom Field “Brand”.

When a value is entered in a Custom Field that you have mapped to an Amazon Field (example below: Dell), that value will be shown in the product details for that item. In Amazon, this would be displayed as Brand: Dell.


7. Repeat this entire process until all of the fields you need are created.