How To: Setup Google Webmaster Tools

1. Login to your Google Analytics Account (

2. Click “Admin” in the top right corner

webmaster google analytics suredone

3. Under the middle column “Property” click on “Property Settings”

google analytics webmaster suredone

4. Scroll down to the “Webmaster Tools Settings” segment

5. Click “edit” to create and sync your google webmaster account

google analytics webmaster tools suredone

6. Login with your google analytics username and password to create a webmaster tools account

google webmaster tools suredone

7. To add and verify* your site click “Add a site to Webmaster Tools” - Do not close this window

google analytics webmaster tools suredone

8. Type your website into the field and click “Add website”

google analytics webmaster tools suredone

9. Choose “Alternate Methods” tab to verify* your website through your Google Analytics account

google analytics webmaster tools alternate methods suredone

10. Select “Domain Name Provider” and from the drop-down list choose the company you purchased your domain name from

alternate methods google analytics suredone

11. Click “Verify” - You will need your domain name login information i.e. GoDaddy username & password for the next step


12. In the pop-up window enter your Godaddy login info & click “Secure Login”

google webmaster godaddy domain verification

13. Click “Accept”

google webmaster tools godaddy domain

14. To accept verification click “Yes”

google webmaster domain verification suredone

15. Click “continue” to access your new Webmaster Tools dashboard

google webmaster godaddy confirmation domain

16. Go back to the window in Step # 7 and refresh it to see the new site

google webmaster tool suredone

17. Select the new site you just added, and click “Save”

google webmaster enable suredone

18. Click “Ok”