How To: Setup Google Analytics

Prerequisite - Create a Google Account - or gather your company gmail account and password. If you create a new account, it will automatically create a Google+ profile for your business so make sure the email address and name represent your business.

1. Go to Google Analytics -

2. Click "Create an Account" in the top right corner

3. Enter the gmail address you created or gathered with the corresponding password

4. Click "Login"

5. Click "Sign up"

6. Leave "Universal Analytics" selected

Google Analytics Setup Select Tracking Method

7. Scroll down and enter your website name

google analytics website name property web setting up

8. Enter your website URL

setting up google analytics web url link

9. Select your industry category - Optional

setting up google analytics industry category

10. Select TimeZone

setting up google analytics time zone

11. Enter the Account name - use the same name from step 8

setting up google analytics account

12. Under Data Sharing only select "With other Google Products only" - uncheck the other 2 boxes

data sharing set up google analytics

13. Click "Get Tracking ID"

14. Click "I Accept" in Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement pop-up

15. Copy your Google Analytics tracking ID from the top left side and save it, this will be the number you enter inside your SureDone account

google analytics set up tracking id website tracking

16. Login to your SureDone dashboard

17. Go to "Settings" in the left sidebar

18. Click the "Storefront" tab

19. Scroll down to Site Tracking & Verification "Google Analytics Account" and replace the current ID with your Google Analytics tracking ID from step 16

20. Scroll down the setting page and click "Save Settings"

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