How To: Setup Fedex Integration

Log into Fedex and then:


1. Click “Integration”


2. Click  “fedex integration assistant”


fedex integration assistant


3. Click “continue”


assistant integration fedex introduction


4. Click on "continue"


welcome introduction assistant merge fedex


5. Select both “import & export”


6. Click “continue”


fedex integration type tutorial


7. Select "text file"


import source fedex integration




8. Go to


9. Click “fedex exports” and the file named “suredone-orders-fedex.csv” will download to your computer 


shipping fedex sure done


10. Go back to fedex integration assistant


11. Click “browse”


files browse fedex integration sure done


12. In the bottom right corner of the window use the drop down menu to change “text files” to “CSV”


csv files fedex integration uploading


13. Select your  file “suredone-orders-fedex.csv” and click “open”


14. Click “continue”


import csv fedex integration


15. Select “delimited”


16. Choose “comma” from the drop down menu


17. Choose “yes” for “do your headers contain field names”


18. Click “continue”


FEDEX assistant export format sure done




a. Select “no” for “do you print labels one at a time?”

b. Select “no” “do you use a unique name or code to look up each package?”

c. Select “no”  do you need to edit shipping information before printing the label?”

d. Select “batch”


20. click “continue” 


fedex import shipping sure done


21. Click “All Fields” 


integration assistant information fedex sure done

22. Check off “Address 1” “city” “contact name” “state” “address 2” “company” “country” “phone” “postal code” 


shipment address fedex integration suredone


23. Scroll down and check off under the heading PACKAGES “height, width & length”


dimension packages fedex integration suredone


24. Check off under “Misc” “invoice number” and “weight”


shipping suredone fedex integration

25. FOR INTERNATIONAL ONLY options to check off “country of manufacturer” & “SKU item UPC”


26. click “ok”


27. “click “continue”


a. For Address 1 select “saddress1”

b. For Address 2 select “saddress2”

c. For City select “scity”

d. For Company select “sbusiness”

e. For Country select “scountry” & default city “U.S.” 


28. Next click on the “contact name” radio button


29. Select “sfirstname”


30. Click “advanced” 


merge view data fedex

 31. Click on “merge data” 


merge assistant data suredone fedex


32. Select “slastname” from dropdown menu


33. Select "space"


MERGE DATA suredone fedex assistant


34. Click “ok”


a. For “phone” select “sphone”

b. For “postal code” select “szip”

c. For “phone” select “sphone”

d. For “phone” select “sstate”

e. For “height” select “totalboxheight”

f. For “length” select “totalboxlength”

g. For “width” select “totalboxwidth”

h. For “invoice number” select “order”

i. For “weight” select “totalweight”


merge match conversion fedex import


36. Click "continue"


 merge options fedex guide


37. Click “continue” 


export destination fedex guide merge integration


38. Click “continue” 


export format fedex suredone


39. click “continue”


a. Check off  “each time a shipment is completed”

b. Check off “also export each time a package is deleted”

c. Select “insert a new record”

d. Select “set flag in existing record to indicate deleted shipment”

e. “check” include manual shipments


40. Click "continue"


export method fedex integration


41. Click "tracking numbers"


export information fedex suredone guide


41. Select “tracking number”


tracking numbers fedex guide


42. Click “ok” 


43. Click “charges”


44. Select “total customer charge” 


export information fedex integration shipment charges

45. Click “ok”

46. Click “continue”

47. Click “all fields” 

integration export information suredone fedex


48. Select “invoice number”


49. Click “ok”


shipment invoice number fedex integration suredone


50. Click “continue” 


a. For tracking number select “shippingtracking”

b. For total customer charge select “shippaid”

c. For invoice number select “order”

d. For delete indicator select ‘shiptime” 

shipment data export match sure done fedex


51. Click continue 


fedex integration suredone summary finish


52. Click "Finish"


integration finish instructions fedex suredone


53. Click “start” 


fedex batch file suredone integration


54. Hit start to process your shipments


fedex batch import start suredone