How To: Set up eBay Auctions

Setting up eBay Auctions for all items

Note: You may use the header ebaylisting and the value for the header is "Chinese". To learn more see our Introduction to Bulk Uploading and our guides for Bulk Uploading

1. Go to: Settings > Channels

2. Expand eBay Options

2. Scroll down to Listing Time and Listing Type

The Listing Time dropdown allows you to set the default value for the duration of an eBay listing. The value "GTC" stands for Good 'Til Cancelled, the other values allow you to specify the number of days a listing should be active for.

The Listing Type dropdown allows you to select the default type of listing, either FixedPriceItem or Auction. Since we are setting up auctions, select Auction

For more information on listing types, see our Comparison of Listing Types guide.

Note: Auctions are sent to eBay as having one stock, even if the value for Stock in SureDone is higher. This means that once the item is sold the listing will end unless you turn on Auto Relist at the item level, or set the Listings Relist setting (in Settings > Channels, eBay Options) to on. With the Auction Relist toggle turned on, after the auction item is sold, SureDone will automatically relist the item again with a stock of 1 if there is stock remaining. The Auction Relist option will also relist the item if the eBay auction ends without the item selling.

Note: If you are listing the item on another marketplace, and the stock reaches 0, SureDone will automatically end the auction listing without sale, even if there is an existing bid.

How To Turn on Auction Relist

1. Click the following: Settings > Channels, then expand the eBay Options section. Then, scroll down to Listings Relist and set the toggle to ON.

Setting up eBay Auctions for individual items

1. Go to Products > All Products and select an item to edit.

2. To set the auction starting price go to the eBay section and enter the amount in the Auction Start Price field. If Price was already set in the General section, it will be show in the Auction Start Price field if there is no other value entered.

4. On the item level scroll down to eBay Details. Under the eBay Details go to Listing and Duration

5. Click on the Listing Type drop down menu and select Auction

6.  In the Duration drop down select how long you want the listing to be active.

The options are 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, and 10 days. Note: 30 days and GTC are only available for Fixed Price Item listings.

7. To include a Buy It Now price enter the value to the Buy It Now Price field

8. When finished, click Update Item

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