How to: Install an eBay Template

This guide will explain how to build your eBay template so that it can read the SureDone database and automatically fill in your product information. It will then tell you how to install that template into your SureDone database so that you can use it on your listings!

Customizing the template using SureDone tags

In your HTML file, you will need to add the tags listed below in their corresponding position in the template.  You can use whichever ones you would like based on your needs.  All that needs to be done is insert the tag where you want that text to appear.


[%EBAY_MEDIA%] - product photo gallery (photo + gallery)

[%EBAY_PHOTO%] - main product photo

[%EBAY_THUMB%] - gallery product thumbnails

[%EBAY_TITLE%] - product title

[%EBAY_LONGDESCRIPTION%] - product long description

[%EBAY_DETAILS%] - product specific details

[%EBAY_ABOUT%] - about us policy

[%EBAY_PAYMENTS%] - payment policy

[%EBAY_SHIPPING_DOMESTIC%] - shipping policy domestic

[%EBAY_SHIPPING_INTERNATIONAL%] - shipping policy international

[%EBAY_RETURNS%] - return policy

For more advanced templating:

You can use any field available in SureDone within your template by using data tags.

The syntax is: {{ data.fieldName }}

Some examples would be: 

SKU: {{ data.sku }}
Price: {{ data.price }}
Brand: {{ data.brand }}

Any existing header within SureDone can be used within the template. A list of all the bulk headers can be found in the bulk template file which can be downloaded here.



An example of the HTML source code:

An example of the template being viewed in a browser:

It is recommended that once you are happy with the way everything looks that you install the template and test it on several listings from SureDone.  To do add the template, follow the steps below.

Adding the template


1. Login to your SureDone account

2. Go to Selling tab under Settingsselling settings

3. Scroll down to eBay options and upload the HTML file


4. Go to the bottom of the page and press Save Settings


5. Go back to the eBay options and select the template then save settings once again


6. Your template is now installed and you can either add new items or edit current ones


*Note:  Anything inside an item’s eBay description field will override the template.


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