How To: Edit An eBay Listing

This guide is for those who are looking to edit the eBay listing for an existing product in SureDone. 
For information on how to add a new product to SureDone (and list it on all your marketplaces, including eBay) please read this guide.

1. Login to your SureDone account

2. On the All Products page (Products > All Products), select an item to edit.

3. You can edit all the fields in the General Section and the eBay section and those changes can be pushed to your eBay store, your storefront and all other marketplaces you have active.

4. You can fill out or edit the item’s description in the Description field inside the General section. The description in this field can be used for both your SureDone storefront and any of your marketplaces.

5. Fill out your shipping details. If you want to use a flat shipping price, a flat shipping option can be selected in the eBay subsection of the Shipping section, or you can select a flat shipping profile in the Shipping Profile field. If you want to use calculated shipping prices, then you will need to enter a weight for the item and either select a calculated shipping option in the eBay subsection of the Shipping section, or select a calculated shipping profile in the Shipping Profile field.
: To make sure your shipping settings are properly set up, look through our eBay Settings Guide.

7. (Optional) If you would like to use a description on your eBay listing that differs from your Full Description field, fill out the Custom Description field in the eBay section. If anything is entered in this field, it can either be be used as your description on eBay or entirely override your eBay template -- see our eBay Custom Description Override guide for a more thorough explanation. If the field is left blank, then the contents of the Description field from the General section will be used as your description on eBay.

You can also change the Title or Price for eBay only in this section as well.

8. Then press Update.

eBay Item Level control gives you even more options. To see how you can use eBay Item Level Options see our feature guide.