eBay Settings Guide

This guide will explain all of the buttons and fields found under the eBay settings. Completing these settings will give your eBay listings a set of default instructions that will help you list accurately and quickly.

Note: most of these settings can be overwritten for individual items in the editor. (For more information, see guides on how to edit an eBay listing and on item level options). If you do not change or activate these settings in a listing, it will use your default eBay settings.

To get to eBay default settings:

1. Login to your SureDone Account

2. Go to Settings

3. Select the Selling tab along the top

4. Click eBay options below
ebay settings menu

Now here is a breif overview of the settings:

A. eBay Sync - if this is on, you're SureDone inventory will sync with eBay. You probably never want to turn the off. It will disable the connection between SureDone and eBay.
eBay sync
B. Item level - if this is on, you'll have eBay item level control of your inventory inside SureDone. This is a very powerful tool that allows you to override your default settings for specific items. you can learn more about it here.
item level switch
C. Token - should say "valid" - this means that your eBay creditials were accepted and SureDone is linked your eBay account. This expires once a year, SureDone will email your token is no longer valid for any reason. 
eBay token valid
Note: If you need to validate your account, this field will change and ask you to enter your credintials (you will need to do this when you are first setting up your account and then once a year after).

D.Import - Check this box if you want to re-import your product listings. You would typically only do this if you updated eBay for some reason without updating SureDone.
>Check "Categories" to import the category tree with your listings (used to map to your ecommerce storefront).
>Check "Skip Other Channels" if you don't want to push newly imported product to your other channels.
ebay import
Note: These check boxes are "triggers" - that is, you must check them and hit save setting to import. The box will then uncheck itself (it is not a continuous option). You must come back to do this any time you wish to re-import.

E. Site ID - this is the eBay site you use to list your products (if you sell on more than one site, i.e. you sell mostly on eBay US, but have parts on eBay motors, you can override this using item level control in the individual item editor).
site ID
F. Returns - set your standard return policy here.

  • Will you accept returns?
  • If so, for how many days?
  • Will you offer MoneyBack, exchanges, or replacements?
  • Who pays return shipping? You may also post your shipping policy here.
This informtation will be pushed to eBay and displayed on your listings.

return fields

G. Switches
ebay settings swtiches

1. Autopay - will you require customers to pay immediately upon purchase? (learn more about this on eBay's website)
2. Discounts - Used for eBay's Discounts and Promotions Program - COMING SOON
3. Strikethrough - For approved sellers, this will allow you to send the MSRP to eBay. It will be displayed with a strikethrough on your listings.
4. Best Offer - will you use "Best Offer"? (learn more about this on eBay's website)
5. Payment Gateway - will you accept credit card directly from customers? (learn more about setting this up on eBay's website)>

H. Payment Instructions - Text field, this will be sent to your eBay listings>

I. Price Difference Rate - do you want to automatically adjust the price of your eBay listings relative to the price in SureDone? Here you can automatically increase or decrease your price by a fixed percentage. This can help you price items low on your website and Amazon, but charge higher prices on eBay (or the other way around). In this example all eBay listings will list at 106% of the price initially listed in SureDone (6% higher than on Amazon and the Storefront).
price difference
J. Tax Category - for sellers approved by eBay, refer to eBay's website
price difference

K. Shipping Settings:
payment options

1. Ship From Location - from where do most of your products ship? This is diaplyed on eBay.
2. Ship Dispatch Time - How long do most of your items take to ship?
3. Shipping Site - from what eBay site will your items ship? (usually the same as site above, unless you're on eBay Motors - than this is usually your country)
4. Domestic Shipping - What is your default shipping method?
5. International Shipping - How do you usually ship internationally?
6. Shipping Package - In what sort of package do you usually ship your products?
7. Global Shipping - turn this on if you use eBay's Global Shipping Program (you can learn more about this on eBay's website)
8. Frieght Shipping - turn this on if you use eBay's Freight Shipping Program (you can learn more about this on eBay's website)
9. Get It Fast - turn this on if you want to use eBay's Get It Fast certification, you must offer an overnight shipping option to use this (you can learn more about this on eBay's website)

L. Item Specifics Set - select any specific fields you want to have mapped to eBay. You can hold shift to select multiple fileds.
item level options
To learn how to set up your condition notes, check out this guide (you can learn more about this on eBay's website).
condition notes
N. Store Categories

store categories

1. Import Categories - This will import the category tree from you eBay store
2. Convert Categories - This will convert the imported category tree to use the same categories on your eBay store (you must check import categories above to use this).

Note: As with the import above (D), this is a trigger box. To run the import, check the boxes and hit save settings. The import will happen, and the box will uncheck itself. You must check the box again if you need to re-import for any reason

O. eBay Templates


1. Desciption templates - drop down to view your loaded templates. Selecting one will make that your default template.
2. Upload New Template - this is were you install new templates to your database. To learn about converting templates, check out this guide.

P. Description Gallery - Here you can enter all the various fields that will be pushed to your listings, from about me sections to headers and a nav bar. You have access to everything to customize it however you'd like. By default the fields are off, to use them, just enter some text (or html/css) and flip the switch to on.
description fields
When you're done changeing settings, make sure to remember to hit "Save Settings" at the bottom of the page.
save settings button