Comparison of eBay Listing Types (Auction & Fixed Price)

SureDone supports both of the primary eBay listing formats - Auctions & Fixed Price Listings. This guide will give you a quick look at the features we support for both listing formats and how to use them. To learn even more about the differences you can read about Listing Types on's knowledge base.

This guide is a complement to our guide on Creating a New eBay Listing, so be sure to read that as well if you have any questions.

You can set a default value for Listing Type in your settings. The field, Listing Type, is found under Settings > Channels. Once on the Channels page, expand "eBay Options" for the instance you'd like to change.
Similar to other defaults, even after setting a default Listing Type, you'll still be able to change the listing type for an individual item in the eBay section.

There are a few differences between the requirements for each type of listing. This guide will explain the differences.

Fixed Price Listings
This type of listing will have a set price and lasts for the entire listing duration or until you run out of stock.

Stock: eBay will allow you to list as much stock for a fixed price item as you want, as long as you don't exceed your selling limit.

Listing Duration: The duration of these listings can be 30, 10, 7, 5 or 3 days or Good Till Canceled (GTC), which will appear as a 30 day listing that automatically relists every 30 days.

Out of Stock Control: This feature will keep your listing alive, but hidden from search results, if it runs out of stock. This allows the listing to retain its sales history & watchers. You can learn more about it in our guide here. This option requires the Listing Type to be FixedPriceItem and the Listing Duration to be Good Till Cancelled

Price: The price you set is the price a customer will pay if they check out, just like most eCommerce Sites. If you leave this field blank, it will automatically use the price from the General section above. Note: the price must be at least $0.99 or eBay will reject the listing.

Best Offer: Fixed Price Listings can take advantage of eBay's Best Offer feature, which allows the buyer to suggest a lower price they'd be willing to pay. To learn more about this feature read our guide here.
Immediate Payment: Fixed Price Listings can also require Immediate Payment, which requires the buyer to immediately enter payment information at checkout. This is helpful for time-sensitive items where having the listing become unavailable before payment is resolved could prevent the item from being sold.

Auction Style Listings

Auction style listings differ from Fixed Price Listings in several ways. The most notable is that you, the seller, determine the Start Price and the Listing Duration, and buyers bid what they are willing to pay for the product. When the auction timer runs out, the listing is sold to whoever made the highest bid.

Stock: The quantity for an auction on eBay is always 1. You can have additional stock be automatically relisted after each auction ends by setting the Auto Relist toggle to ON in the eBay section.

Listing Duration:
Auctions can only be run for 10, 7, 5, 3, or 1 day(s). At the expiration of the listing, either a sale will occur or it will end without a sale. If you have activated Auto Relist (see above) then a new auction will be started immediately, as long as the remaining stock is at least 1 and the item hasn't reached its Max Relist limit.

Auction Start Price: This is the price at which bidding will start for your product. If you leave this field blank, it will automatically use the price from the General section above.

Buy It Now Price: This offers buyers a fixed price option for auction style listings. This option is only available until the first bid is placed. For a comparison between Fixed Price Listings & Buy It Now, check out eBay's website.

Note: Out Of Stock Control does not work for Auction Listings, you cannot have an out of stock, yet active, auction. All auctions have a stock of 1 for the set Listing Duration.

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