Entering "Does Not Apply" on UPC Required Listings

On June 29, 2015, eBay began requiring Product Identifiers on products in certain categories. This means you need to enter a UPC, ISBN, EAN, or Brand and MPN for products in those categories. This includes business/industrial, camera/photo, cell phone, clothing and all apparel, computer, electronics, media, eBay motors, health/beauty, sporting goods and more. For a full list of the categories affected, look at eBay's Spring 2015 Update.

If you list new items that are considered white-label, custom manufactured, samples not for retail, or other types of new or refurbished products that do not have product identifiers, eBay requires the value "Does not apply" in the UPC field. SureDone has a switch that will set the appropriate settings for you.
When the "UPC Does Not Apply" switch is on, it will override the value of the UPC field with "Does Not Apply" before sending to eBay. It does this for EAN, ISBN and UPC mapped fields as well. SureDone only sends "Does Not Apply" if there is a value in those fields, otherwise it behaves just like there is nothing in that field to begin with. The toggle is off by default.

eBay Regulations

If the product identifier does exist and you enter "Does not apply" in the required field, your item will lose search visibility—meaning, shoppers will have a harder time finding your item on eBay and on external search engines.

If you are receiving a message that the UPC is invalid, a product identifier would only get rejected if (1) it was not a valid product identifier, or (2) it was already associated to a different product. If you're having trouble with a UPC, you can validate them online (just do a web search for 'UPC validator'). If you are entering a confirmed, valid UPC and it is not conflicting with an existing product already in the eBay catalog, please contact eBay Customer Service to troubleshoot.

Adding to a bulk upload

If you want to use this in a spreadsheet to list new products with it pre-selected, use the header ebayupcnot and you can enter any of the following: true, 1 or on. By default it is off so if you do not want to set the value to on, you can either leave it blank or enter false or off. Note that if an item is already listed in an auction-style listing and already has bids on it, you will not be able to edit the listing. The same applies to any other marketplace rules that would prevent the updating of a listing.

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