Setup Magento Plugin Integration

Setting up Magento in SureDone

Starting in Magento, go to:

  • System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles
  • Click Add New Role
  • Role Name: suredone
  • Click Save Role
  • Go to Role Resources on the left
  • Resource Access > All (instead of Custom) - Save Role


Next, go to:

  • System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users
  • Add New User
  • Fill out the account information and enter anything as an API Key. Ensure this is encrypted like a password but memorable so you can enter this into SureDone. The two fields you will need to use are User Name and API Key.
  • Ensure Account is set to Active
  • Select User Role on the left and then select the suredone Role. Click Save User

In SureDone:

Plugins > Magento
  • Magento Host URL:
  • API User: suredone
  • API Key: The API key you created
  • Click Authorize to test if the credentials work
  • If you receive Success , then click Submit
  • Refresh the page if you do not see an update

Setting Defaults:

  • On Categories, press Refresh to import them
  • Select the categories you want set as default. Hold Ctrl, Shift or Cmd to select more than one category
  • Attribute Set: select Refresh to import them, then set the attribute set you want as default
  • Tax Class: select the attribute set you want as default
  • Click Submit and refresh the page to ensure all default settings have been set
  • Pressing Import Products once will schedule out the import of all products. If you have a large catalog of items, the best thing to do is import over night.
  • If you want to fulfill existing orders in Magento through SureDone, press Import Orders to bring those in

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