Setting Up Volusion Plugin

Creating a New User/Customer in Volusion

This user will provide the connection between SureDone and Volusion. If you have an issue creating a new customer/user, please contact Volusion Support.

1. Log into your Volusion account and then click Manage Store
Volusion login page

2. After you have logged into your Volusion Admin portal, go to Customers and click Accounts.
Volusion admin accounts

3. Add a new account.
Volusion new account

4. Enter the following fields:

  • First Name: Sure
  • Last Name: Done
  • Select the access key: Administrator
  • Email:
  • Enter a valid password. You will use this password next.

Volusion add an account

5. Once you click Save at the bottom, you will see an Access Rules link underneath the Access Key Administrator. Click this link.
Volusion Admin Access Rule

6. Select the Check All checkbox and then click Save
Volusion Admin Access Database Tables

7. Once you have saved, log out of your Volusion Admin panel as your current user so you can login with the user you just created.
Volusion Log Out

Obtaining the Volusion API Key

8. Enter the email: and use the password you entered.
Volusion Login Page

9. Go to Inventory and click Import/Export
Volusion Inventory Import Export

10. On this page, select Volusion API. Make sure the "Enable public XML" checkboxes are Unchecked. Next click Save
Volusion API settings

11. Scroll down to the Generic section and click Run on Generic\Orders.
Volusion Generic Orders API

12. Select the checkbox of the row with the * (asterisk) and then click Run.
Volusion Run Generic Orders

13. This generates a long URL. You only need to copy the section between EncryptedPassword= and the & (ampersand). It can be easier to take this entire URL, paste it into a text editor program and erase everything around the password. The length of the password should be equivalent to this: 5FEE116EE0B028ED52058192A0DB4556C63914577A061621F1D4CCEDE7491A8A
Note: using this key above will not work. You must use your own key in your account.

Connecting SureDone with Volusion

14. Now, while you are in SureDone, go to Settings > Plugins and then click Volusion. Click Authorization and then enter the following information:

  • User:
  • key: the 64 (give or take) characters removed from the URL
  • Store URL: http://[your store name]/net/WebService.aspx - This is whatever your Volusion Storefront URL is with /net/WebService.aspx after the URL.
Once you've entered these credentials, click Save Settings
Volusion setup in SureDone

15. After you Save Settings, you can now see the Settings section so you can click Import Products. Depending on the quantity of products you have on Volusion depends on how fast this runs.
Volusion Settings in SureDone