How To: Use eBay's Best Offer Feature

Best Offer is used to allow your customers to offer you a price other than your set price. You may set a minimum price that you are willing to consider, and set an auto accept price as well.

If you've set a Minimum Price and you receive an offer, you will only be notified that an offer has been made if the offer is greater than or equal to your specified Minimum Price, otherwise the offer will be automatically rejected. If the offer is above your Minimum you will be notified and it will be up to you to accept or deny the offer. If you set an auto accept amount, then, if an offer is made that is equal to or greater than the auto accept amount, then the system will automatically accept and then process the transaction.

1. Click on Settings > Channels and expand your eBay Options section.

2. To turn Best Offer on by default, set the toggle in the eBay Options section to ON. Once you do this, all items will be on for Best Offer – current and new.

3. If you don’t want to set Best Offer globally, you have the option of setting it for individual items. The setting for individual items is located in the Editor, in the eBay section.

4. To set the minimum price for an individual listing, go to the eBay section of the Editor. If the Best Offer toggle is not set to On, then set it to On. Then, enter the minimum price in the Best Offer Minimum Price field. To set the auto accept price, enter dollar amount to accept in the Best Offer Auto Accept Price field. Note: Any offer equal to or greater than the value in the Best Offer Auto Accept Price field will be automatically accepted.

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