How To: Setup Your Domain Name

This guide is for customers that already own their own domain name on GoDaddy. The process is similar for other domain hosts, you should contact your domain host for assistance. You will still use the host IP information in step 8 of this guide. If you do not own a domain, you will need to register one with or another domain host. They often cost as little as $9.

1. Go to (if you don't have an account, just register for one)

2. Press Log In
login to godaddy
3. Input your credentials and press log in
login to godaddy
4. Hover over Products, then hover over domains, then click “Manage Now”
godaddy hover
5. Click on your domain from the list that appears

6. Click on DNS Zone File Step
DNS Zone File - godaddy
7. Press Edit
edit zone file - godaddy
8. Click on the box under “Points to” for A (Host), and change the field to

9. Press “Save Zone File”
save zone file - godaddy
10. Login to SureDone, then go to “Storefront” under the Settings tab, and confirm that your domain name is set to your new domain name. In the case below, since we set up, we ensure it's set to