How To: Setup Stripe Account

1.  Go to Stripe & Create your account

setup stripe create account

2.  Login to your dashboard & turn your account on by flipping the switch from “Test” to “Live”

setup stripe dashboard

3.  Click “Activate Account” in the pop up window to fill out the standard business details Stripe needs to send you payments

stripe set up activate account

4.  Once you’ve completed the entire form, click “Activate Account”

stripe setup credit card statement details

5.  Now that your account is live, go to “Your Account” and click on “Account Settings”

stripe setup account settings

6.  Click the “API Keys” tab & copy the “Live Secret Key”

stripe setup api live secret key

7.  Go to & Login to your account

8.  Click “Settings” in the left sidebar

9.  Choose the “Selling” tab

10.  Turn “Accept Credit Cards” On

11.  Under the “Choose Your Credit Card processor” drop down menu select “Stripe”

 stripe setup accept credit card processor

12.  Scroll down to the “Stripe Settings” section

13.  Copy & paste your “Live Secret Key” from step 6 into the “API Secret Key”

stripe setup api secret key

14.  Scroll down and click “Save Settings”

 stripe save settings

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