How To: Setup Amazon Shipping Overrides

What is Amazon Shipping Override?

Amazon Shipping Override allows you to create specific shipping rules that differ from your default for specific products being shipped under certain conditions. Normally, SureDone will follow your default shipping instructions for Amazon, but this feature will allow you to override the defaults in specific cases using Amazon’s Shipping Overrides.

The first part of this guide will explain how to set up the Shipping Override fields. The second part will explain how to use them.


1. Create 3 custom user fields (click here for help with creating custom fields)

A. "Override Type"
amazon override type custom field setup
B. "Shipping Option"
amazon override shipping option custom field
C. "Override Cost"
shipping override cost customer field

When created they should look like this under Customer User Fields:
customer user fields for amazon shipping overrides

2. Go to Settings > Selling > Amazon XML Mapping
go to Amazon XML Mapping

3. Select "Shipping Overrides" from the drop down
select Shipping Overrides XML mapping

4. Assign the Custom Field Headers to the Amazon XML fields
assign custom headers to Amazon Override Shipping XML

5. Click Save Settings
Save Settings Button

How to Use Amazon Override Shipping with SureDone

After you have mapped custom fields in your database to Amazon via XML you can use those fields in your individual item details and they will automatically sync with Amazon. This part of the guide will explain that a little further.

You can enter the information by item or using the Bulk Uploader tool the same way you would update any other field

Note: Every field must have some value for Shipping Overrides to work.

Editing by item:
Editing Amazon Shipping Overrides by item
Editing by bulk:
amazon shipping overrides by bulk

Here is a guide to the possible values for these fields:

A. Override Type - Additive or Exclusive
  • Additive - creates an additional surcharge for shipping cost (in the above spreadsheet SKU "GBBLK3GS" will charge $25+default shipping cost for any Standard Shipping to a Continental US Street Address)
  • Exclusive - will use Override Cost instead of the default cost (in the above spreadsheet SKU "MC755LLA" will charge $75 flat for any Standard Shipping to Europe).

B. Override Option - Destination Code, you must use on of the following codes:
  • Exp APO/FPO PO Box
  • Exp APO/FPO Street Addr
  • Exp Alaska Hawaii PO Box
  • Exp Alaska Hawaii Street Addr
  • Exp Asia
  • Exp Canada
  • Exp Cont US PO Box
  • Exp Cont US Street Addr
  • Exp Europe
  • Exp Outside US, EU, CA, Asia
  • Exp US Prot PO Box
  • Exp US Prot Street Addr
  • Std APO/FPO PO Box
  • Std APO/FPO Street Addr
  • Std Alaska Hawaii PO Box
  • Std Alaska Hawaii Street Addr
  • Std Asia
  • Std Canada
  • Std Cont US PO Box
  • Std Cont US Street Addr
  • Std Europe
  • Std Outside US, EU, CA, Asia
  • Std US Prot PO Box
  • Std US Prot Street Addr
  • Next
  • Second

C. Override Cost - any number with 2 decimal points

This will be the cost value amount. It will either add to your default shipping cost or replace it, based on your Override Type value.

Note: For FREE shipping enter a value of -2 (negative two).
Note: To exclude an destination from shipping enter a value of -1.

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