How To: Use a Custom eBay Template

1. Login to your SureDone account

2. On the navigation bar, click Settings

 Settings Button

3. Right click the “Selling” tab under Settings and select “Open Link in New Tab”

Open selling section in a new tab
4. Your custom CSS and HTML code will go in the below fields. Update these fields with the code found in the current eBay listing template.

*NOTE: Inputting CSS into the Description CSS field will override all the default SureDone CSS for the eBay templates.

 Paste custom CSS & HTML in these boxes

5. Create a new listing that you will use to modify several times until you get your template correct or choose an existing listing to edit (with the customer’s permission)

Editing SureDone Product Listing

 *NOTE: If editing a current listing, please do the following s as well to avoid interfering with the current shipping settings


Scroll down to the shipping settings for the listing, right-click on your mouse, and press “Inspect Element” (Must have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

 Inspect element, right click

After opening inspect element, select the following two fields and press delete to remove them:

  1. ...
  2. ...

 Delete sd-shipfields code

6. Press “Update Item”

Update Item Button

7. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and press the eBay link to view your changes

eBay listing link
8. Review the eBay template and if there are any more changes to make, repeat unril satisfied with template

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