How to: Fulfill My Orders

1. Click Orders
2. Select an order
How to Fulfill Orders 2
3. Select your Ship Service, Package Type, and fill out the weight and dimensions of the package. Once everything is filled out, press the calculator.
How To Fulfill Orders 3
4. This will show you your calculated price for shipping. Once you confirm that the shipping price is correct, click process shipment.
Process Shipment Button
5. Click the tracking number link next to Label (this is a clickable link):
How to Fulfill Orders 5
6. A new window will open up with your label. You can now press print in your browser.
How to Fulfill Orders 6
7. If you want to manually add a tracking number, go to the order and press Edit
How to Fulfill Orders 7
8. Select your shipping method and add the tracking number
How to Fulfill Orders 8
9. Click Update Order

Update Order Button

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