How To: End an eBay Listing

This guide will show you how to end a listing on eBay only. If you also have this listing on your storefront, Amazon, or any other channel, it will still be active on those channels.

If you would like to end your listing on all channels, the process is very straight forward. Check out our How To: Disable a Listing guide.

  1. Login to your SureDone account

  1. On the All Products page (Products > All Products) and click on the item you would like to end.

  2. In the List On area, make sure only the eBay instance you want to end the listing on is checked.

  3. Next, click the - Select Action - button to expand it, and select the Disable option inside.


  1. Next, a "Success" message and a "Product Saved" message will be displayed, indicating that you item was ended successfully.

Your eBay listing will now be ended, but your listings on other channels will still be active.

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