How To: End an Amazon Listing

This guide will show you how to end a listing on eBay only. If you have this listing on your storefront or Amazon, it will still be live.

If you would like to stop your listing on all channels, the process is very straight forward. Check out our guide here

  1. Login to your SureDone account

    1. Go to Editor

    2. Find the item you would like to copy and press Edit

      edit listing suredone

    3. Change the the inventory level to 0

      change suredone item inventory to 0

    4. If the product is on eBay, check "Skip eBay" under the eBay section.


      : Skipping this step will end your listing on eBay.
      skip eBay suredone update

  1. Click update item at the bottom of the item info
    update item suredone

  2. Put your inventory level back to the correct number
    update inventory level suredone

  3. Check skip Amazon

    skip eBay suredone update
  4. Click update item at the bottom of the page
    update item suredone

Your Amazon listing should now be ended, but your eBay and Storefront listing should continue uninterupted.

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