How To: Disable a Listing

This guide will tell you how disable a listing on all channels. For help ending a listing on a single channel, without interupting the other channel see these guides: eBay, Amazon.

1. Go to the Editor
SureDone editor button
2. Find the item you want to disable and select Edit
edit item in SureDone
3. Go to the bottom of the listing and click disable
disable item in SureDone

The listing will now end on all channels, but it will remain inside SureDone (as it would if the item was out of stock, awaiting reactivation).

To reactivate a disabled item simply click Enable (which can be found where Disable Item used to be).
Enable item in SureDone

To DELETE an item from SureDone you click the delete button at the bottom of the item page. (Warning: there is no undo, and item that is deleted cannot be reactivated)
Delete Item in SureDone

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