How To: Customize Bulk Exports

What are Bulk Exports and why would I want to customize them?

One of the most powerful features in SureDone is the ability to bulk export spreadsheets of you items with whatever product details you desire, edit thos details and then bulk upload them back into SureDone. This allows sellers to update thousands of products at once.

This guide is going to show you how to export spreadsheets for specific item searches. By default, the spreadsheet will export every single item detail for each product that matches your search criteria.

That is a lot of data, so we have a filter that will allow you to export only the information you need. The second part of this guide will expliain to use that filter for maximum efficiency.

How to do a standard bulk export
1. Enter a query into the search bar, select items from the drop down and click the magnifying class (for help building a search query to meet your needs see our guide on How To: Search).

2. Click Export

In this example, I am exporting all of my Apple products that are black with an inventory of less than 10.
custom product search for export
3. You will automatically be sent to the bulk exports page, which will list all of your recent exports; the most recent will apear first. Just refresh the page an your export should appear.

Note: If you are trying to export a large file, it may take some time to process, in that case it won't appear until the system is done. You'll recieve an email when the export is ready.

4. Click download to get your .csv (spreadsheet).
download your .csv
5. Open the spreadsheet in excel or another spreadsheet application.
export spreadsheet sample
There you go! But as you can see, that's a lot of data. It can be kind of cumbersome and it can take time to process when you try to do this with thousands of items, so we built a filter to make your life easier

How to use the Bulk Export Filter
1. Go to Bulk (on the left navigation menu)
Bulk Button
2. Select the "Exports" tab along the top
find exports table in SureDone3. Enter your search query in the search bar under the bulk editor (not the top of the screen)

4. Select "Items" under the type
enter search query and type (items) for bulk export
5. Select the fields you would like to exclude, you can select multiple fields by holding down control

Note: We recommend you selecting all (Cntl+A) and then unselect the fields you want to include by holding down the control (Cntl) key and clicking one them. Any field NOT highlighted, will be exported. Those that are highlight will be excluded.

In this example, we will export a spreadsheet that excludes all fields except sku and stock (select all, and then unselect the sku and stock fields). Everything highlighted in blue (such as guid here) will not be included.
select headers to export
6. Press Export Results
Export Results Button
7. You will recieve an email when your export is complete. For small exports, you can just refresh the page and it will appear on top of the results list below. For larger exports, just return to this page when you receive the email.
export complete - ready for download
8. Click download and you'll get a file containing only the fields you left unselected for the products that match your search creiteria
Export spreadsheet sample
That's it! It only takes a few minutes to export your own custom spreadsheets filled with the data you want about specific products. These spreadsheets can then be edited and uploaded to make bulk edits!