How To: Bulk Edit Price and Stock

1. Login to your SureDone account.


2. Click on EDITOR.

Edtior Button

3. In the Search Bar at the top of the page, enter a query (brand:=apple).  Next, select Items in the Search Bar dropdown and click the magnifying glass to search for the products you want to edit.

Note: For this example I’m going to search by brand:=apple  For help building a search query to meet your specific needs, see our guide on How To: Search

Note: All search terms must be entered in lowercase – BRAND:=apple won't work, but brand:=apple will.

Image 3

4. The Search results are all Apple® brand products - Now click Export.

Note:  If you are trying to export a large file, it may take some time to process and it won't appear until the processing is complete. You'll receive an email when the export is ready.

Image 4

5. Click Download to get your .csv (spreadsheet).

Image 5

6. Open the spreadsheet in Excel or another spreadsheet application.

Image 6

7. Delete all column headers except for guid, stock, price, and title.

Note:  The title is not necessary for the upload - it just serves as a reminder as to which items are being edited.

Image 7

8. Right click on column A and then click Insert to create a new column.

Image 8

9. In the newly-created column, type action=edit in the header.

Image 9

10. Edit the stock and price for the items you want to change.

Note: For the purpose of this guide, I will edit the stock and price for the Apple® iPhone 3GS with 8GB Memory – Black and the Apple® iPhone 4 with 16GB Memory - Black.

Image 10

Image 10-2

11. Save the file as .csv (Comma delimited) using any name you choose.

Note: The file has to be saved as .csv (Comma delimited) - no other the file format is accepted when uploading to SureDone.

12. Upload the .csv file to SureDone.

Step 1: Click BULK on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Step 2: Click Choose File.

Step 3: (Optional) Skip Marketplaces if you don't want data to be pushed to them.

Note:  Don't use the force button unless instructed by SureDone Support.

Step 4: Click Upload.

Image 12

13. After the .csv file has been successfully uploaded, you should see the following message.

Note: Upload results will also be emailed to you.

Image 13