How To: Add Images Individually and in Bulk

There are several ways of uploading images both individually and in bulk

Individual Images per item

1. Go to Editor and click on Edit


2. Scroll down to the Image.

You have two Option: Upload an image you have saved or list a URL


Clicking on Upload will allow you to upload any images you already have saved

Clicking on Input will allow you to enter an already hosted URL to your listing.

Uploading images in bulk is much the same as uploading in the Editor.

In your CSV file you have two options for media Upload

Utilizing Media# you can list the URL the same way you can in the individual editor.


Also, if you have an image file with zipped you can upload your images along with your CSV.

Go to the Bulk section

1. Under Upload File choose your CSV

2. Under Zipped Media selection your zipped media file


If you order your zipped media to correlate to your GUID you can upload your CSV data with your media files at the same time

Your Zipped media file should contain the images you would like to correspond to your listings in order

Here we have the CSV file that shows what needs to be uploaded via the Bulk Editor


We see under ACTION=EDIT the GUID and corresponding Image are arranged in numerical order

In this instance the last three numbers on GUID happened to correspond to colors and size in the customer’s inventory

CB in this instance stands for Columbia Blue
PY is pale Yellow

Now let’s look at their corresponding zip file

5. First we’ll look at in a list view


6. Then as an image


CB1 and CB@ denote Columbia blue 1 and 2 and are the images 1 and 2 in the zip file

When we look at how these images are shown in Suredone, we can see that the first two images are associated with these GUIDS in Media count


GUID CC145-M700CB1 correlates to Size small for that specific GUID in blue. The first two images in the file will be associated with that specific GUID that we see under “MediaCount”

These images will be associated under all other GUIDs ending in CB#, as we have told SureDone to do the same thing for all related ID’s

The next two images in our file are Pale Yellow

Note: that under the first PY GUID we can see media count of 2


This is because the next two images in the zip file are the pale yellow shirts

Because these are the next two variants on our CSV we match them up with the zip file under their numerical order in the zip file and SureDone does the rest!

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