How To: Add a UPC Exemption for Amazon

Amazon gives UPC exemptions to sellers who apply and are approved. In order to comply with Amazon and have your items successfully list, you must enter what type of exemption you have at the item level in SureDone.

There are four types of exemptions:

  • PrivateLabel
  • Specialized
  • NonConsumer
  • PreConfigured

First you will need to create a custom user field (example name: UPC Exemption) that will eventually be mapped in Amazon XML Mapping. To create a user field, please see the guide How to: Create Custom User Fields

Once the user field is created, you will map it in Amazon XML Mapping in SureDone. Click on Settings > Selling > Amazon XML Mapping. Once there drop-down and select Universal Products Fields as shown below.


Scroll down to the bottom of Universal Product Fields and find RegisteredParameter. Drop-down and select the custom user field you created as shown below. Note: Remember to click Save Settings.


When listing an item that has an exemption, you'll just populate the value of your customer field with the exemption that Amazon gave you (i.e. PrivateLabel) as shown below. Doing this will send the required UPC exemption type to Amazon when list your item. You must enter this for each item with an exemption, or Amazon will not allow your item to list.


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