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eBay Custom Description Override

When listing to eBay, by default your Full Description in the General section will be used as your Decsription. If you have an eBay template built and installed in SureDone, generally that template will reference "longdescription" which is your full description. What gets sent to eBay is your description inside of your template, but all of the HTML goes into eBay's Description field. This is how you get a template to work in eBay.

SureDone has an eBay Custom Description field that is used when you import your items into SureDone. This retains your entire existing template so you do not lose any information when first joining SureDone. However, if you enter anything into the eBay Custom Description field, it will override your description and also your template (if you have one in SureDone) when listing to eBay. If you have an existing template from a previous software provider, it is ideal to strip out solely the description and move it to the Full Description field and utilize the template uploaded into SureDone.

If you want to use the Custom Description field as just the description and you do not want to override your template, it is as simple as turning ON a function in the Settings > Channels page. Select the eBay Instance you want to use Custom Description rather than Full Description, scroll down to Custom Description Override and then turn this feature ON. Save Settings when finished.

Now, when creating listings you can enter your description into the Custom Description field and this will not override your template in SureDone.

DISCLAIMER: After turning this option on, if you do only enter Full Description and you leave Custom eBay Description empty, you will not have a description sent to eBay. This also means if you are using spreadsheets to list your items, you must use the fields ebaydescription, ebay2description, etc depending on how many eBay instances you have or which instance has the custom field activated.

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