Create a New eBay Listing

This guide will go over the basic steps required to list an item to eBay. Since there are many features and settings for eBay listings, this guide will link to other resources for topics you may want to read about in more detail. 

What Fields are required for eBay?

To list an item on eBay the following information must always be included:

Images (at least one)
Category ID
Item Specifics (for some categories)

Creating a New eBay Listing

1.Hover your mouse over the Products entry in the top nav bar.

2. Click New Product in the flyout menu that appears
3. Fill out the General product information

  • The Required fields in this section are:
    • Title, Price, (In) Stock & Condition
  • The Recommended Fields:
    • SKU (if not using the SKU generator)
    • GUID
    • Basic product details (Brand, Size, Color, Style)
    • Condition Notes (if the item is not new)
    • Description - for a basic text description of the product (this can be embedded into your HTML eBay template, please see our guide on How to Install an eBay Template)
4. Go to the eBay section and fill out the required fields in that section

  • The required fields in this section are:
    • Title (up to 80 characters) (this field in the eBay section, if left blank, will pull the value from the Title field in the General section)
    • Price (this field in the eBay section, if left blank, will pull the value from the Price field in the General section)
    • Category ID (click here to learn more)
  • We also recommend that you select at least one eBay Store Category if you have an eBay store.
Note: The Title & Price here are automatically populated with the information from the General section, to specify different information for eBay only, enter it in the the corresponding field in the eBay section. If you want to change the information everywhere, make sure to adjust the corresponding field in the General section.

  • You may also change certain eBay Settings for this listing individually (click on any to learn more)

5. Fill out your eBay Item Specifics.
6. Select a template OR fill out the Custom Description
  • Note: Entering any information in the Custom Description will override the template, unless you have already set the Custom Description Field Override setting for that eBay instance to ON.
  • Read this guide to learn more about eBay Descriptions & Templates.

7. Go to the Shipping section & fill out your Shipping options
  • Enter the weight and dimensions of your item
  • Either choose a shipping profile (recommended) or fill out your shipping options individually

We have a separate guide on eBay Shipping Options that provides detailed help and explanations for the Shipping section if you have questions.
8.Click the + Add button to create the listing.

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