Checking Bulk Results

This guide is a part of the “Introduction to Bulk” Series - for maximum learning, please read all the guides in the series! To view the whole series, go here!

After the file is uploaded it will begin processing. Larger uploads can take some time. While the file is processing you will see the status as “Pending.” Once the file is done processing, the status will change to Complete and a results file will appear. This guide will tell you how to read these files & use them to assure everything processes as you'd expect.

Even for experienced users, it's important to check the results files after you do a bulk upload to make sure that everything processed as you expected.

- To access your results files -

1. Go to Bulk Uploads
Bulk Product Uploader - SureDone
2. Click on ResultsBulk Results Tab - SureDone
3. Find the upload you are looking for
  • Request Date: The timestamp of the upload (local time)
  • The number of actions (products edited/edited/etc)Download Result Files for Bulk Product Edits
4. Click the second blue “Download” link to get the "Results File"
  • You can also download the file uploaded for reference
  • The file will download to your downloads folder - locate it and open it in a spreadsheet application such as Excel.
    Bulk Product Edit Results File Example
- How to Use The Results File -
The results file always exports the same headers, here is what they mean:

    • Line - This is the line in the bulk upload file that corresponds to this result (excluding the headers)
    • Action - This tells you what action was performed on the product in the bulk upload file.
    • Guid - (could also be ID or Sku depending on the identifier used) This tells you which product the action was performed on.
    • Result - This is the SureDone result. It tells you if the changes in your spreadsheet were saved to SureDone. It is possible to have a "success” result in SureDone, but still an error on order or more channel (as pictured above for Line 7)
    • Errors - If there are any critical errors (the kind that would prevent information from being saved, or a new listing being created on any channel) they will be placed here.
    • Messages - This is where an additional messages from the channels will be, such as Warnings - these should not stop your listings from going through, but are important to address.
    • Notices - Notices are all other messages, usually from SureDone, are placed here.

The most important column to check is the results column as it will tell you if your listings are going through or not. If there is an error here than you really need to address it. It will usually be clear what the issue is, such as missing or invalid data. You can look up common error codes here

Now that you've successfully uploaded a product edit and checked the results. Go back and fix any erros in your upload before moving on. You'll want to make sure that you can edit products successfully before trying to add products from scratch.

Once you've got that down, the next guide will explain how to Upload Images to Products in Bulk.

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