Bulk Tips & Tricks

This guide is the final part of the  Introduction to Bulk Series - for maximum learning, please read all the guides in the series! To view the whole series, go here!

This guide is a list of important things to know to get the most out of bulk. It will help you avoid mistakes and work more efficiently.

- Avoid Mistakes -

  • The  delete action deletes every record of the listings on both the channels and SureDone cannot be undone.
    • It s usually best to do  action=disable first because it will end the listings on all channels, but the product info will be saved in SureDone so you can quickly relist it if you make a mistake.

  • Cells left blank in a bulk spreadsheet will reset that field to the default value and erase any existing data.
    • For most fields, this means they will become blank or 0.
    • For fields that can be pre-set (such as eBay Options) they will revert to your default settings.

  • Only upload the headers you need.
    • Example: If you re not editing the title, don t upload the title column.
    • If you need the title to help you organize you data while editing, that s fine - but delete it before you upload.
    • This will help you minimize the chance of accidentally changing or erasing data.

  • Only use one identifier in a spreadsheet, and make sure that identifier is the 2nd column.
    • You should use GUID whenever possible.
    • Do not upload  id and another identifier, unless you are advised to by SureDone Support.
    • The only time you should upload more than one identifier is when adding variations. (In that case, you will use GUID as your identifier and SKU to identify the parent).

  • If you cancel an uploading in preview when bulk uploading images. The other actions included in that spreadsheet will still be performed.

- Tips & Tricks -

  • Headers are not case sensitive - but the data is.
    • Example: title, TITLE, Title, TiTLe will all update the same field.
    • However: UPSGround is not the same as upsground - channels require very specific formatting.

  • You can find the headers for User Fields under Settings > Advanced below the label.
  • The system will automatically ignore invalid headers, the file will still process.
    • This allows you to store more information in your spreadsheet (for example,  oldPrice when uploading an edit to  Price ) for your later records.
    • An warning message will display telling you which headers are ignored.

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