Bulk: Add Products

Please refer to the General Tips guide before doing your first bulk add.

  1. Open a spreadsheet editor (Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, etc.)
  2. Set the first cell, A1, to action=add
  3. Set the second cell, B1, to either id, sku, or guid depending on which you would like to use as an identifier
  4. Set the required headers in order to list on the marketplaces. They are as follows:

    • title
    • stock
    • price
    • condition
    • longdescription
    • shipping (if doing fixed price shipping)
    • weight (if doing calculated shipping)
    • mediacount (if uploading images via ZIP folder)
    • internationalshipping1 (if doing international shipping)

    • ebaycatid (if listing on eBay)
    • ebaystoreid (if listing on eBay)
    • ebaystoreid2 (if listing on eBay, 2nd storeid not required)

    • amznasin (if listing on Amazon, using ASIN)
    • amzncategory (if listing on Amazon, not using ASIN)
    • amznitemtype (if listing on Amazon, not using ASIN)

  5. Fill out any other headers you would like to use that are specific to your business
  6. Fill out the mediacount column. It is important to make sure that the order of your images are in the same order as your spreadsheet.

    Here is an example of how the spreadsheet and images should look:

    More info will be added shortly.