Amazon Settings Guide

This guide will give you an understanding of all the fields in the under Amazon Options in Settings.

How to Access Amazon Setting Options

1. Go to Settings

2. Select the "Selling" tab at the top of the page

3. Click on Amazon Options near the bottom of the page
how to get to Amazon settings in SureDone

Explination of Amazon Setting Options

A. Amazon Sync - this should be left on unless advised by a SureDone account manager. Turning this off will stop the connection between your SureDone and Amazon accounts. Price, inventory, and new products will not longer be updated if you turn this off.
Amazon Sync Switch
B. Credentials - this is where you enter you Amazon Seller account info to authorize SureDone to communicate with your Amazon account. It is essential that you have valid credentials here to keep your channels in sync. If you change or update your Amazon credentials, make sure they are changed here.
Select the Amazon country your account is in. If you select a different country than the one you've registered in, you will not be able to authorize the Amazon account with SureDone. After selecting the country, then click Authorize Amazon.
Amazon Worldwide Selection
C. Price Difference Rate - this value in this field will be used as a percentage increase in price for you Amazon listings. Any value in here would automatically calculate the price on all your Amazon listings as X% above the item price entered in SureDone. Some do this to help cover the comission costs on Amazon (in the below example, all our Amazon listings will be 106% of the default price, or 6% higher in price than the exact same listing on our storefront).
price difference
D. UPC Field Mapping - this tells the Amazon integration how to read the UPC field. Amazon allows your to list with several different indentifiers (you can view the requirements/options here). You will enter the product identifier in the UPC field, and tell Amazon here how to read it. If you will list using ASIN usually, we recommend that you use that setting.
UPC Field Mapping Setting
E. XML Types Configured - this will list any XML mappings you have set up with Amazon (to learn how to set up XML Mapping check out our guide on Amazon XML Mapping).
XML Types ConfiguredThat's it for Amazon Listings