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Gizmo Trader

The Problem

Without a way to automate his inventory, Randy Jacobs spent all of his time and energy managing three ebay stores. He had no time to grow sales or expand to new marketplaces. Randy wanted to expand Gizmo Trader to Amazon and sell on his own website, but the available e-commerce solutions didn't provide the resources he needed. Manually managing inventory was holding Gizmo Trader back. The available small & midsize business (SMB) solutions were not equipped to take a major eBay seller multichannel, and the enterprise providers wanted to steal a portion of Randy's revenue that would kill his growth.

How They Use SureDone

Gizmo Trader has expanded from selling on three eBay accounts at sign-up to selling on multiple stores on eBay, Amazon, and storefronts for both buyers and sellers. The multi-channel functionality of SureDone was the key selling point for Gizmo Trader. SureDone seamlessly ties in all of Gizmo Trader's channels in one central location. Randy is able to manage inventory, listing, pricing, sales and fulfillment from one platform. Having universal control over all listings across all channels means that Randy and his team have clear visibility of all inventory and spend far less time managing listings.

For Gizmo Trader the personal relationship between the Gizmo Trader team and their SureDone account manager was a major factor in the success of the SureDone solution. For Randy, the most important thing was that SureDone was proactively working with Gizmo Trader, constantly making improvements and addressing pain points.

The Results

Since Gizmo Trader began working with SureDone, they have diversified from selling solely on eBay to making 30% of their sales on Amazon after integration. Building a strong cross-channel infrastructure has made Gizmo Trader more flexible, and reduced their dependency on a single channel for all sales. Now that Gizmo Trader has established multichannel framework with SureDone, they are ready to scale sales without inventory management holding them back.

Randy Jacobs of Gizmo Trader

"SureDone is just as committed to our growth and success as their own growth and success."

- Randy Jacobs
Gizmo Trader

Project Info

  • Customer Gizmo Trader
  • Date 2015
  • Category Electronics
  • Location Orlando, FL
  • URL

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