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Factory OEM Parts

The Problem

Before SureDone, Rick managed his 2 eBay accounts, Amazon account, and eCommerce website with Excel spreadsheets manually updating inventory with each sale. Without an automated process, pulling orders was time consuming and the warehouse and shipping team was always maxed out. Now, as soon as items sell, orders show up on a pick list complete with SKU and a picture of the product.

How They Use SureDone

Thanks to SureDone's powerful bulk capabilities, Factory OEM is able to list more products than their competitors, and continues to add more products consistently because SureDone makes it quick and easy to add a vendor's entire catalogue.

The Results

Since signing up two years ago, Rick reports that Factory OEM has experienced over 100% growth due to SureDone. Thanks to order automation and direct drop-shipping, warehouse and fulfilment processes are optimized for sales without having to increase personnel.

Project Info

  • Customer Factory OEM Parts
  • Date 2015
  • Category Automotive Parts
  • Location Saint Charles, MI
  • URL

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